It was not love at first sight for Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center of Newburgh residents, Mona Wasson, 67, and James "Jim" Littrell, 66.

"Jim asked me to be his girlfriend and I turned him down," Wasson said. "I had just lost a boyfriend of thirteen years to a heart attack and I wasn't over it yet."

Less than a year later, and the two have made their romance official with a commitment ceremony.

Friends and family members, along with with fellow residents, witnessed the ceremony on Thursday, May 2 in the Cypress Grove community courtyard between the two love birds.

Resident Perry Shaver, 72, had an up close seat at the commitment ceremony while Wasson and Littrell, who are both divorced, exchanged vows.

"They are my friends and I love them," he said. "It's just goes to show that there is another life besides just living here."

Activity Director, Mary Anne Harlan, said she wasn't surprised when the two announced their romance.

"They would hang out together a lot and lived together in the same hall," she said. "And now, we have been able to move them into the same room."

Harlan said the decision to host a celebration for the happy couple was an easy one.

"This is actually the second commitment ceremony we have had in my 38 years of working here," she said. "The guy lived here, but the lady didn't, so we had the ceremony just the day before he was discharged."

And Harlan wanted to give that same experience to Wasson and Littrell.

"That's what we do here," she said, "we make people happy."

Family friend Jeff Ford officiated the short, yet sweet ceremony.

"It is a great honor when someone has faith in you to trust you with something like this," he said. "I am just proud and pleased to do it."

Wasson's daughter, Michelle Darnell, said she didn't believe it at first when she found out about her mom's new beau.

"I thought it wouldn't last," she said. "But, it is a blessing that she and Jim have found each other and are companions."

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