Deaconess has confirmed their first two positive COVID-19 test results.

The announcement came today (Thursday, March 19) as the outbreak progresses. In a press release sent Thursday morning, Deaconess stated that the first patient was sent for curbside testing at Deaconess Midtown from one of the system’s outpatient facilities in Henderson.

According to the release, the person has been contacted and is doing well on home quarantine. The release also stated that Deaconess has received several negative results in the previous 12 hour period.

Later, Thursday afternoon, Deaconess sent a second release to confirm the first case of the virus in Vanderburgh County.

According to the second release, in this instance, the patient utilized a free Deaconess Clinic LIVE video visit, and then was sent for curbside testing, facilitated by an employee who was wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).

“This is the ideal circumstance for protecting healthcare workers and other patients from COVID19,” said Dr. Amanda Bohleber, Chief Transformation Officer, and Medical Director, Telehealth Services. “The patient never had contact with any other patients or came into any of our facilities.”

The release states that since March 7, Deaconess Clinic LIVE visits have been free, and Deaconess has been expanding capacity with more visits available daily; since the video visits became free, nearly 300 patients have received consult and triage from a Deaconess Clinic provider.

“We are currently seeing 50-60 patients daily (on Deaconess Clinic LIVE), and are working fast to expand to 24/7 coverage to help see even more patients,” said Bohleber. “Due to recent national telehealth law changes, Deaconess has also been able to shift some video visits to Facetime or Google Duo calls, further enhancing our telehealth capabilities.”

The Indiana State Department of Health issued an update showing that there are now 56 confirmed cases of the virus in the state out of 380 tests as of midnight Wednesday, March 18. Two individuals have died from Marion and Johnson counties in Indiana.

For information, please visit the state’s site at or Deaconess’s site at

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