Who’s funding who?

Sheet of US one hundred dollar bills, elevated view

Warrick County residents spent more than $200,000 on the election this year.

A total of $224,556 was donated to county, state and national campaigns from Warrick County residents in 2016. Donations to candidates for county offices totalled $61,445, while county residents donated $98,747 to state campaigns. Warrick County residents also donated $64,364 to national campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Larry Buschon and Richard Moss.

Republican candidates received $137,507 from 161 donations, while democratic candidates received $86,419 from 484 donations from Warrick County residents. Rex Bell, libertarian candidate for governor, was the lone recipient of a $100 donation from Boonville.

Bob Johnson, republican candidate for County Commissioners, Disctrict 3, was the highest fundraiser in Warrick County, garnering a total of $19,576 in 2016 — $14,575 of which was from Warrick County.

Warrick County Commissioner Don Williams was the second highest earner in Warrick County for 2016, despite losing in the primary election to Johnson. Williams raised $12,750 in 2016, with $6,750 coming from Warrick County.

Pat King, Democratic candidate for Warrick County Treasurer, was the highest democrat fundraiser in the county in 2016. King raised $10,100 in 2016, with a total of $7,8874 coming from Warrick County donors.

Newburgh residents were the most generous this election. The town saw 510 donations totalling $154,397 to 21 campaigns. Of that total, 107 donations — $102,658 — were made to 17 republican candidates and 403 donations — $51,739 — were made to four democratic candidates.

Boonville residents donated a total of $36,036, with 54 donations totalling $23,240 going to eight democratic candidates candidates and 38 donations totalling $412,796 to 10 republican candidates.

Tennyson residents donated $7,710 overall, with 13 donations totalling $6,005 to three democratic candidates and seven donations equalling $1,705 to two republican candidates.

Chandler donated a total of $6,806, with $6,526 to republican candidates and only $280 to democratic candidates. Lynnville residents donated a total of $1,567 with only $35 going to democrats. Donations from Elberfeld residents came to $650 and were only to republican candidates.

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