"Save the wine!"

This is what I frantically heard from a woman I didn't know right after her friend accidentally spilled a glass of wine -- shattered glass on the wood floor and all -- before the yoga class had even started.

Giggles erupted from the room, which was filled with 13 other women in leggings, and cute "athleisure wear," all ready to sip some adult juice while getting their stretch on.

For those already feeling FOMO, what I'm talking about was The Wine Down's Wine Down to Yoga class, which was led by yoga instructor Barb Butler on Saturday, Nov. 2 in Newburgh. The cost was $25 per person, which included a complimentary glass of wine of the participants' choosing and of course, some high-class, but fun yoga.

It was almost like a "Sex in the City" brunch, minus the eggs benedict and gossip, but most definitely including the wine.

And similar to those heel-touting fashionistas, I am adverse to most kinds of physical effort, if the unused pink treadmill in my house -- I bought it the week after I got back from maternity leave -- is any indication.

It's probably also pertinent to mention this was only my third yoga class ever, the first of which was a Beer Yoga class at Maiden's Brewery in Evansville and the second of which was a Goat Yoga class at Blue Heron Farm in Chandler, both of which were this summer. What is it about alcohol and cute animals that is enticing me to go to these classes? Perhaps that's a better question for a psychiatrist.

Although I am not a physically fit person, there is something about taking a yoga class that feels like the kind of good stretching I never got in my private school gym classes in elementary and middle school.

My point is this class was a lovely experience for someone like me with little to no expertise in exercising -- I was one member of a three-girl pep squad in 7th grade for bananas sakes. And even when I didn't follow along with one or two of the poses correctly, Butler never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed, instead, softly coming up to help me fix my posture.

Chya Colbert, who co-owns The Wine Down, with her husband John, said she originally ran into Butler before they opened their booming Newburgh business last year, which is located at 8666 Ruffian Ln. It was around Halloween time last year when I first actually stepped into The Wine Down myself, to cover them for the paper.

"She needed help finding good wine and then we got to talking about her doing yoga," Chya Colbert said. "The wine yoga classes gives us that special notoriety and it's just good for the community health wise."

But before venturing off to teach us millennial moms, sexy Gen X'ers and Baby Boomer babes, the right yoga techniques, Barb Butler was the CEO of HealthSouth Deaconess Rehabilitation Center.

"So, I went from a high stress job to a zen life," she said.

And Butler just recently started teaching yoga four years ago.

"I specialize in cancer yoga, osteoporosis yoga and spiritual yoga," she said.

Some of the poses I did throughout the class included the child's pose, tree pose, warrior pose, airplane pose and the wind-removing pose, which apparently is the perfect solution for anyone feeling particularly gassy after one too many burritos.

The class ended with us all lying on our backs, eyes closed, listening to "Never Enough" from "The Greatest Showman" while Butler came around to each "yogi" and lovingly rubbed our temples. I didn't realize she was going to do this and was cheating by taking another sip of wine when I thought no one was looking when she came right up to rub mine. But hey, I didn't have Chya come and re-fill my glass half-way through like some other ladies did -- not that I judge them for doing so either.

I would highly suggest trying this trendy and fun class because who doesn't need a break from their high stress lives every now and then? I know you're already drinking wine at home anyway. Why not do it amongst like-minded strangers?

Although I wouldn't suggest drinking wine during a high cardio workout, or at least if my high school years of drinking Diet Coke while fast-walking on my treadmill in my basement watching "Breaking Bad" episodes on my iPhone have taught me anything.

Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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