Boonville mom creates Halloween heaven for son's October birthday

Standard photo/Marisa Patwa

Similar to Angel Mounds' Halloween Hullabaloos, Boonville mom Christy Carwile's house is decorated head to toe in spooky creations.

Though, her house is a bit unique, with neon spiders, witches hats dangling from the ceiling and glow lights.

And they're up the entire month of October.

Christy Carwile, 40, isn't just getting into the spirit of spooky season for no reason: it's to help celebrate her son Blake's birthday, and give him a party and a fun, "Halloweentown" living experience of a child's dreams, which she has been doing for the last three years.

This year, Blake Carwile turned 10.

"I am big into decorating with Halloween and Christmas," Christy Carwile said. "Christmas is kind of the same way and every year, I just add a little bit more and more to it and we have a Halloween party for him."

Taking one step inside their house is like being on a Tim Burton movie set. And just as the production designers and art department spend time making the world otherworldly, Christy Carwile devotes weeks of energy into putting all of the Halloween decorations up -- they are meticulously placed around the house for utmost aesthetically pleasing appeal -- and taking them all back down -- a lengthy process and probably her least favorite part of the Halloween house maker over.

New this year is a spider wall.

"I just love decorating," Christy Carwile said.

Although tip-toeing into the kitchen for a midnight snack may not seem like a feasible idea when there is a mannequin skull bust on the table, there is no fear in the Carwile "horror" house.

"The kids are used to it now," Christy Carwile said. "They don't get scared of it."

In fact, Blake Carwile embraces it.

"I love the neon black light," he said.

Although taking down the decorations won't be as fun as putting them up, by the time Christy Carwile is sipping hot cocoa in her winter wonderland this December, she'll be proud of all of her hard work just to make her children smile.

"I'll feel relieved," she said.

Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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