Week of Sept. 22, 2019

7488 FAIRVIEW DR, NEWBURGH; Patrick C Flamion to Christina M Miller, $0.

5999 YANKEETOWN RD, BOONVILLE; 5999 S YANKEETOWN RD, BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); Paul Robert Kemp to Robert Lou Allen, $144,000.

5688 GARDEN VALLEY RD, NEWBURGH; David E Clark, Member, Majic LLC to Kyle A Price, $179,900.

656 E WASHINGTON AVE, CHANDLER; Bill Winstead, Jr, to Angela R Burmeister, $102,000.

4904 MARBLE DR, NEWBURGH; Stephanie L Mikulski to Ethan T Reisz, $176,000.

4528 LINCOLN POINTE DR, NEWBURGH; Robert P Musgrave, Trustee, Christopher J & Elizabeth M Sheffield to Lisa Bahlavooni, $205,000.

107 S MAIN ST, TENNYSON; (2 Parcels); Kristin Mae Black to Penni Beckman, President, Community Outreach Ministries Inc, $5,389.

8354 NOLIA LN, NEWBURGH; Christopher A Combs, Member, CAC Development Company LLC to Floyd Bartlett, Jr, $248,900.

SPRY RD, NEWBURGH; Julia L Jacobs, Trustee, The Othmar J Jacobs Credit Shelter Trust to James R Nelson, II, $38,000.

6444 VENICE DR, NEWBURGH; Dale T Tesh to Cesar E Lau Hernandez, $340,000.

311 S SEVENTH ST, BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Bryan K Redmond, Atty, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $12,240.

BELL RD, NEWBURGH; Jesse Yancey to Dan Saylor, Commissioner, Warrick County Commissioners, $18,000.

8200 STATE RD 161, GENTRYVILLE; Lynsie Rene Tew to Jonathan Cory Tew, $0.

844 OFFICE PARK DR, BOONVILLE; Ellen M Dimmett Trust to Heath Molt, $30,000.

8688 CAYMAN CT, NEWBURGH; Thomas J Sutter to Kent Brenneman, $605,000.

5033 VIRGINIA DR, NEWBURGH; Orville Dean Utsler, III to Debra Seigel, Authorized Signer, N P Dodge Jr, Trustee, $119,500.

5033 VIRGINIA DR, NEWBURGH; Debra Seigel, Authorized Signer, N P Dodge, Jr, Trustee to Timothy Allan Dullum, $ 119,500.

214 FLINT ST, BOONVILLE; Niki McCoy to Brian Schnuck, Member, BER LLC, $41,000.

STATE ROAD 261, NEWBURGH; Tim Mosby, President, Warrick County School Corporation to John W Bauer, Authorized Agent, Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Company, $26,500.

5991 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Harold E Schlottman, $285,085.

8877 NEVADA DR, NEWBURGH; Hilbrand J Jonkers to Seth D Jonkers, $125,000.

8277 WYNTREE VILLAS DR, NEWBURGH; Linda K Hoover to Mark W Augspurger, $192,000.

421 W MAIN ST, NEWBURGH; Misti L Fraser to Jeffrey L Starkey, Member, Red Fern Properties LLC, $210,000.

E FIRST ST, LYNNVILLE; Seth Yates to Rusty D Hornby, $2,300.

7722 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH; Susan K Krantz to Audrey D Weddle, $162,500.

102 RED SAGE LN, LYNNVILLE; John Conner to Jeff Long, $6,500.

2988 BRIARCLIFF DR, NEWBURGH; Tejas A Patel to Kimberly A Strouse, $279,000.

891 CLUTTER RD, LYNNVILLE; Jacob T Dimmett to Charles Tyree, $148,000.

4133 TRINITY DR, NEWBURGH; Brian Lee McWilliams, Masio Properties LLC to Masio Properties LLC, $150,000.

9088 HEIM RD, CHANDLER; Edward Kiegel to Brent R Hettenbach, $295,000.

10271 BOURBON ST, NEWBURGH; Scott P Olssen to Rachel Hancock, $99,900.

4660 BRENTFORD DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Talvir Singh, $185,352.

8600 CAYMAN CT, NEWBURGH; Jerry D Denton, President, Denton Homes Inc to Karenrose Ramos Martinez, $1,100,000.

2877 ST RD 66, NEWBURGH; Robin Tussey to Jose Jimenez, $30,000.

2877 ST RD 66, NEWBURGH; Michael A Dunsworth to Robin Tussey, $49,900.

2807 PEARCE POINT, NEWBURGH; Joseph A Guillerman to Philip M Heim, $197,000.

173 DRIFTWOOD LN, NEWBURGH; John T Mattingly, President, John Mattingly Homes Inc to Austin Rae Huff, $349,000.

WALNUT ST, ELBERFELD; (2 Parcels); Greg L Silke, President, Greg-Rand, Inc to Jacob Stauffer, Manager, DGOGElberfeldin041719 LLC, $1,000,000.

1211 E NEW HOPE RD, BOONVILLE; Paul R Byers, Jr, to Scott Smith, Praxis Properties LLC, $35,000.

7099 YANKEETOWN HWY, NEWBURGH; Denise A Killion to Travis L Wade, $160,000.

Week of Sept. 29, 2019

5966 FIESTA DR, NEWBURGH; Randall K Gaiser to Kirby T Faulkner, $225,000.

JENNINGS ST, NEWBURGH; LOCUST ST, NEWBURGH; 110 LOCUST ST, NEWBURGH; MAIN ST, NEWBURGH; MAIN ST, NEWBURGH; (5 Parcels); Mark W Augspurger, Trustee, Rev Living Trust of Mark W & Elizabeth Ann Augspur to Tammy Pay Kollker, $245,000.

595 FOREST PARK DR, NEWBURGH; Cristina Hungerford, Atty in Fact, Fannnie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Associate to Nicholas Hirsch, $82,000.

8011 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH; Tracy Ann Baker to Stephanie Wohleber, $197,500.

SPRY RD, NEWBURGH; (4 Parcels); Julia L Jacobs, Trustee, Othmar J Jacobs Credit Shelter Trust to Ryan Wissner, $21,000.

115 E LOCUST ST, BOONVILLE; William K Addington to Sherrie L Seivers, President, Boonville Now Inc, $45,500.

10733 FERGUSON LN, NEWBURGH; Thanumas Chantarat to Wanda L Farmer, $129,900.

5600 KENWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Stephanie A Reinhart, Atty, New Day Financial LLC, $138,683.

4810 IMPERIAL DR, NEWBURGH; Nicolet M Hardy to Brian I Hardy, $0.

5600 GREENSBORO DR, NEWBURGH; Donald R Mayer to Michael Todd Bacon, $115,000.

4772 EASTWICK DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Alton Dean Sepp-Gumbert, $181,126.

5743 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Land Corporation to Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc, $32,900.

5743 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Nicholas Michael Johnson, $229,871.

305 WABASH CIR, CHANDLER; Donald R Derrington to Danielle Renee Hall, $22,500.

111 W WALNUT ST, CHANDLER; Margie Williamson, BC Evansville Housing LLC to Scott Okes, $45,000.

6697 SPRINGVALE CT, NEWBURGH; Christina Huber to Timothy D Huber, $0.

4266 STATE ROAD 261, NEWBURGH; 4300 STATE ROAD 261, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); John P Nugent, The Bedford-Nugent Corp to Alexander O Zarris, Newburgh Court LLC, $1900,000.

4318 HUNTINGTON RIDGE CIR, NEWBURGH; Chadwick M Hammack to Nicholas Russell Peluchette, $344,900.

7686 MICAH DR, NEWBURGH; Doug Lewis, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC to Thomas B Suter, $245,000.

7155 WEDGEWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Ronald E Coll to Raymond O Adamson, $310,000.

3151 CAPSTONE CT, NEWBURGH; Terry Weisman to Zachary Young, $199,900.

8192 O BRIAN BLVD, NEWBURGH; Frank J Bayer to Kaycie N Oakley, $ 150,000.

715 WILSON SQUARE, ELBERFELD; Kristin G George to Brittany Miles, $115,100.

3548 FORESTDALE DR, NEWBURGH; Annette E Elpers, Asst Manager, Spring Haven LLC to Marc O Clark, $40,000.

8733 BLESCH CIR, ELBERFELD; Bruce Aigner, Hornet Hills Sub Inc to Randy Lampton, $20,000.

8733 BLESCH CIR, ELBERFELD; Randy Lampton to Justin L Owen, $188,000.

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