Week of May 19, 2019 (cont. from 6/13):

8244 N BIRCH DR, NEWBURGH; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Mark Whetstine, Dusty Trail LLC, $102,751.

6322 GARDNER RD, CHANDLER; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Samer S Zabaneh, Atty, Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

317 E THIRD ST, LYNNVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Matthew L Foutty, Atty, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $54,600.

6697 CONCORD DR, NEWBURGH; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Rose K Kleindl, Atty, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $79,134.

3833 CLOVER DR, NEWBURGH; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Christopher J Arlinghaus, Atty, US Bank Trust National Association, $70,205.

131 E TAYLOR ST, BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Jared C Helge, Atty, US Bank Trust National Association, $54,125.

310 N MAIN ST, LYNNVILLE; (4 Parcels); Brittney Miles to Dalton Froman, $0.

1699 ROCKPORT RD, BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Donald G & Evelyn F Hendrickson, $815,000.

EAMES STATION RD, TENNYSON; (3 Parcels); Warrick County Sheriff, Michael K Wilder to Donald G Hendrickson, $370,000.

BROOKS RD, DALE; BYERS RD, DALE; (3 Parcels); Steve B Kostbade to Daniel G Topper, $60,000.

ISAAC BAKER RD, TENNYSON; EBENEZER RD, TENNYSON; (2 Parcels); Charles D Scales, Jr, to Jonathan S Minton, Trustee, Jonathan Shane Minton & Melissa D Minton Revocable, $197,067.

10850 SCALES RD, TENNYSON; 10750 SCALES RD, TENNYSON; 3142 ISAAC BAKER RD, TENNYSON; (3 Parcels); Charles D Scales, Jr, to Justin Wood, $45,000.

309 LOCUST ST, NEWBURGH; Paul Dilley to Jeremy VanWinkle, $90,000.

1224 STRATFORD DR, BOONVILLE; Marty Williams to Megan N Williams, $88,500.

1221 N SECOND ST, BOONVILLE; Bettye Lee to Albert R Ashley, $5,000.

2333 W ROEDER RD BOONVILLE; ROEDER RD, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Tammy L Frazier to Peter Rudolph, $345,000.

LINCOLN TRAIL RD, GENTRYVILLE; (2Parcels);Jeffrey A Brewer to Glenn E Seger, $87,700.

21 FETTER LANE, BOONVILLE; David W Lockhart to Randi Hebner, $366,000.

5633 ESSEX DR, NEWBURGH; Jeffrey A Starkey to Lawrence Brenningmeyer, Jr, $366,000.

FERSTEL RD, NEWBURGH; Monica R Hurt, Managing Member, Titzer Kaiser Farms LLC to Mark W Miles, $350,000.

8044 RIDGEMONT DR, NEWBURGH; Benjamin M Peter to Joaquin Martinez Valdepenas, $193,500.

6311 SUMMIT POINTE WAY, NEWBURGH; Kenneth Michael Horn to Holly N Smith, $143,900.

4280 MARTHA CT, NEWBURGH; Chad VanZilen, Van Development LLC to William J Parsons, $48,000.

8688 VANN RD, NEWBURGH; Paul Quinzer to Kathleen L Lewis, $100,000.

3655 CARMONA DR, NEWBURGH; Thomas P Ludiam to Taylor Elizabeth Dickinson, $172,000.

7299 OAKLAWN DR, NEWBURGH; Jason D Brown to Dane A Schuessler, $156,500.

359 WABASH CIR, CHANDLER; John D Haas, Member, Haas & Morgan Homes LLC to Jack S Borcherding, $ 165,500.

7500 TELEPHONE RD, NEWBURGH; Kelly S McCamish, Per Rep, Estate of Kenneth W Burris to Kirk A Rowe, $350,000.

4635 MIRANDA DR, NEWBURGH; Daniel A Tkachuk to Santa B Lama, $205000.

310 N SECOND ST, CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Marilyn Lackey to Sydnie B Barnett, $77,000.

5155 WOODRIDGE DR, NEWBURGH; Tess M Long to Joseph W Engelbrecht, $187,000.

FLOWERS LN, ELBERFELD; Jeffery G Flowers to Gerald Allen Carter, $39,500.

501 SECTION ST, NEWBURGH; David W Jaquess to Kevin J Kaiser, $23,000.

2455 CROSSWALK LN, NEWBURGH; Brad S Posner to Craig B Skelton, $325,000.

7697 MICAH DR, NEWBURGH; Brent Holweger, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC to Susan Lemmons, $233,000.

361 WABASH CIR, CHANDLER; Christopher K Pillsbury to Carl E Wilcher, Jr, $175,000.

209 SHARON RD, NEWBURGH; Penny Kaluza, Trustee, Terrell H Douglas & Janet K Douglas Revocable Living to Maeghen Stowe, $125,200.

2833 JOELLEN LN, NEWBURGH; William C Hirsch, Jr to Jianhua Xu, Great River Realty LLC, $135,460.

3077 BROOKFIELD DR, NEWBURGH; John J Valenti to Sheryl Lynn Wright, $321,000.

10633 LILLY PAD RD, ELBERFELD; Michael Dean Goslee, Per Rep, Estate of Gregory Alan Goslee to Mackenzie R Burgess, $109,000.

8588 FRONTIER DR, NEWBURGH; Kevin L Meyer to Christopher Shelton, $215,000.

424 S SEVENTH ST, BOONVILLE; Abigail Moll, President, Moll Supreme Clean Inc to Jerry Greubel, Member, Nick's Industrial Services Inc, $50,000.

313 S FIFTH ST, BOONVILLE; Vernon E Byers, Unique Properties of Southern Indiana LLC to Wesley B Hack, $15,000.

9666 ST RD 57, ELBERFELD; 9688 STATE RD 57, ELBERFELD; (2 Parcels); Donald M Claycomb to Scott A Schaar, Manager, A G & E Properties LLC, $146,000.

4949 IMPERIAL DR, NEWBURGH; Rebecca M Burgess to Linda M Ramsey, $167,500.

5635 MAPLE LN, NEWBURGH; Kevin Cecil, Holbrook Partners LLC to Amanda K Talarzyk, $86,000.

6877 HERITAGE DR, NEWBURGH; Vickie L Spaulding to Megan Duff, $66,500.

8309 WYATT CT, NEWBURGH; Annette E Elpers, Asst Manager, Spring Haven LLC to Annette E Elpers, Secretary, GEN 3 Contracting Inc, $38,000.

5599 BURDETTE LN, NEWBURGH; Sherry L Hartman to Kristie L Large, $143,500.

5899 HILLBROOK CT, NEWBURGH; Roberta Jo Maupin Riddhagni to Terry Prather, $321,000.

4344 E BIRCH DR, NEWBURGH; Bradford H Whitecotton to Brian Neil Musgrove, $190,000.

7311 PARKRIDGE RD, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Mahendra R Sanapati to Justin Yeh, $420,000.

4022 SHERRI LEE LN, NEWBURGH; Brian S Feagley to Deborah A Ramsey, Trustee, Deborah A Ramsey Joint Tenancy Trust, $389,000.

916 N FIRST ST, BOONVILLE; Donna J Price, Trustee, Donna J Price Primary Trust to Charles C Morris, $104,500.

7699 JEREMY LN, NEWBURGH; Bruce A Lothamer to Dana C Shoulders, $157,400.

6355 GARDNER RD, CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Joseph D Harbour to James Baird, $300,000.

2566 KEYSTONE CT, NEWBURGH; Clay Williams to Timothy Irvin Kearns, $176,500.

3078 LIMESTONE CT, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Laura Michelle Kirtman, $225,488.

4533 POLK RD, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Tamara Ann Postin & Warren Charles Hodges to Bridget Cron, Member, Cron Properties LLC, $80,000.

700 W LOCUST ST, BOONVILLE; PINE ST, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Ruth W Roth, Trustee, Irene Wasson Revocable Living Trust to David Eric Lutz, $23,500.

1425 WOODFIELD DR, NEWBURGH; J Michelle Campbell to Kenneth F Graves, $710,000.

6377 WOODFIELD CT, NEWBURGH; Randall L McClary to Thomas E Koetting, $530,000.

8760 ANGEL DR, NEWBURGH; Danny Denton,President, CD Real Estate Development Inc to William F Shurtz, $70,000.

1844 YANKEETOWN RD, BOONVILLE; Michael Lillpop, Member, Todd Acquisitions LLC to Logan M May, $223,000.

8402 NOLIA LN, NEWBURGH; Christopher A Combs, Member, CAC Development Company LLC to Michelle Marie Howell, $232,500.

8600 CAYMAN CT, NEWBURGH; John N Schneider to Donnie Denton, Denton Homes Inc, $70,000.

5177 SEQUOIA DR, NEWBURGH; Samuel E Wake to Megan E Hardison, $124,700.

121 S KENTUCKY AVE, CHANDLER; Deborah K Scarbrough Rush to Charles W Knight, Jr, $25,000.

518 W LINCOLN ST, CHANDLER; 540 E JEFFERSON, CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Donald R Derrington to Jason Alan Simmons, $19,700.

1350 HELEN CT, BOONVILLE; Jerry L Aigner to Judith A Kemp, $194,900.

5721 RIVER WALK CIR, NEWBURGH; Danielle L Belt to Leslie D Moore, $111,500.

W MAIN ST, BOONVILLE; William R Byers, Co Trustee to William N Frank, Members Agent, Boonville Indiana 2.0 Retail, $79,500.

974 W MAIN ST, BOONVILLE; George N Neel, President, G & LN Enterprises Inc to William N Frank, Member Agent, Boonville Indiana 2.0 Retail, $379,000.

4736 BRENTFORD DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Jeremy Michael Neese, $189,900.

4754 BRENTFORD DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Amos Lee Grogan, $216,799.

2899 LIBBERT RD, NEWBURGH; Joseph F Hirsch, Joseph F Hirsch Revocable Living Trust to Megan D Jackson, $160,000.

1899 SANDAL WAY, NEWBURGH; Aaron L Orten to Lee D Schulz, $200,000.

428 W MAPLE ST, CHANDLER; Kristina R Toerne, Secretary, White River Service Corp to Henry Lunenburg, $23,500.

1401 MC ELROY DR, BOONVILLE; Meloney F Wright to Colton Winge, $97,500.

6299 FIELDWOOD CT, NEWBURGH; William Derick Townsend to Randall L McClary, $712,000.

2066 WILLOW LAKE DR, NEWBURGH; Jeffrey Begin, BMO Harris Bank to Christopher J Byrley, 11 Oak Investment LLC, $209,900.

1111 BOON DR, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Christina D Winge to James S Cameron, Jr, $133,000.

499 HUMPHREY RD, LYNNVILLE; Yvonne C Hardy to Elisha Dawn Corbin, $134,900.

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