Week of Nov. 10,Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Color 2019 (continued):

8755 W HEIM RD, CHANDLER; Kyle Walton, Authorized Agent, Sabre Investments LLC to Kim Davis James, $8,200.

6144 RIVER BLUFF RD, NEWBURGH; James A Wrinkles to Karl F Behnke, $130,000.

4722 BRIARWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Angela M Sharp to Katherine E Devine, $125,000.

5633 CRIMSON CT, NEWBURGH; Jose Jimenez to David D Barrans, $415.000.

2 OVERLOOK CT, NEWBURGH; Matthew W Runkle to Joshua D McWilliams, $147,500.

930 E MONROE ST, BOONVILLE; Trevor Cobb to Jake D Moseley, $82,000.

6966 BAYHILL CT, NEWBURGH; Jonathan Weyer to Emily L Hasenour, $419,900.

726 FOREST PARK DR, NEWBURGH; Mary Kleeman to Vincent Thomas Hudson, $139,900.

6150 MAYFIELD CT, NEWBURGH; Jared D Mitchell to Bryan J Jackson, $250,000.

3187 MEGAN DR, NEWBURGH; Faith D Deffendoll to Christy Claborn, $290,000.

2155 LAKES EDGE DR, NEWBURGH; Paul T Woerz to John Strokis, $460,000.

6972 STONEWICK DR, NEWBURGH; Richard K Collier to Victor Nathan Miller, Jr, $457,000.

630 BARTLETT DR, NEWBURGH; James E Littrell to Christine Hunt, $164,500.

10384 BARRINGTON PL, NEWBURGH; Dessalegn H Amanu to John R Meyer, $342,500.

1044 PARKLANE DR, BOONVILLE; John A Greer, Trustee, The Irrevocable Income Only Trust of Ruth M Greer to John Thomas Dorsey, $119,000.

2977 BELL RD, NEWBURGH; Andrea Wiley, Vice President, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation to Deborah J Pierson, $270,000.

4889 WHITE CHAPEL DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes, Inc to Sarah Alyss Knop, $244,916.

4000 TRINITY DR, NEWBURGH; Matthew D Cooper to Jacob Kennedy, $147,000.

4780 IMPERIAL DR, NEWBURGH; Christopher S Cunningham to Trung Tiet Duong, $180,000.

518 N THIRD ST, BOONVILLE; Dawn Michelle Strange, Trustee, Kenneth L Scott Testamentary Trust to Rachel Lutz, $5,000.

1303 S FIRST ST, BOONVILLE; Ashley D Williams to Ryan T Nance, $130,000.

123 S EIGHTH ST, BOONVILLE; Brian K Fuller to David E Clark, Member, ERS Management LLC, $52,500.

166 FUQUAY RD, CHANDLER; Daniel E Johnson to Korby L Dempsey, $ 113,500.

7977 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH; Janet S Beem to Scott Lee McKinney, $189,500.

830 N ILLINOIS ST, CHANDLER; Ronald Evans, Southern Indiana Investment Properties LLC to Ashlyn T McMurtry, $135,000.

7444 MIDDLEFIELD RD, NEWBURGH; Walter W Heneisen to Joseph A Cook, $166,700.

2688 BRUTON LN, NEWBURGH; Michael M Mammoser to Ryan M Ambs, $180,000.

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