Week of August 11, 2019:

CROWVILLE RD, TENNYSON; (2 Parcels); Marc E Hathhorn, President, American Land Holdings of Indiana LLC to Chad M King & Nathanial B Whyte, $160,839.

CROWVILLE RD, LYNNVILLE; Marc E Hathhorn, President, American Land Holdings of Indiana LLC to Chad M King & Nathaniel B Whyte, $56,879.

202 E FOURTH ST, LYNNVILLE; 208 E FOURTH ST, LYNNVILLE; E FOURTH ST, LYNNVILLE; (3 Parcels); Melissa A Yager to William R Jines, II, $0.

2917 MEGAN DR, NEWBURGH; Daniel J Ubelhor, President, Ubelhor Development LP to Jeffrey G Ubelhor, Trustee, Jeffery G Ubelhor Revocable Trust; $187,600.

310 RIVERBED CT, NEWBURGH; John T Mattingly, John Mattingly Homes Inc to Jerry Cecil, $268,783.

680 COPPERS EDGE DR, NEWBURGH; Christopher Miller, Member, Barrington Custom Homes LLC to Charles J Torok, $60,000.

220 ST RD 261, BOONVILLE; Larry Lillpop, Oaktree Investments LLC to Cameron Joseph Scheller, $129,900.

6133 CYPRESS CT, NEWBURGH; Julian Dias to Natalie Marie Faver, $148,000.

110 WATER ST, NEWBURGH; Stacia O'Sullivan, Member, Clan O's LLC to Chris K Schafer, $460,750.

5801 JEFFREY LN, NEWBURGH; Micheal Cannato to Bradley Harper, $144,900.

1744 BRENDA DR, NEWBURGH; Mark Whetstine, Authorized Agent, Rose Products LLC to Jonathan T Day, $305,000.

7710 MICAH DR, NEWBURGH; Douglas A Lewis, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC to Catherine Brackman, $250,850.

10672 FALL CREEK DR, NEWBURGH; Patrick A Chrisco to Trung Tiet Duong, $172,000.

4866 FRAME RD, NEWBURGH; John M Walker to Jose Jimenez, $507,800.

4266 EBENEZER RD, TENNYSON; Donald L Skelton to Jarrod Skelton, $17,495.

1003 NICHOLAS DR, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Roger D Leslie, Trustee, Leslie Revocable Living Trust to Mark Alan Raven, $190,000.

4532 SIERRA DR, BOONVILLE; Maria D Harris to John M Villines, $170,000.

8999 IDAHO DR, NEWBURGH; Christie N Clark to Ryan A Loehrlein, $156,500 .

8999 IDAHO DR, NEWBURGH; Susan Shepherd to Christie N Clark, $156,500.

408 N THIRD ST, BOONVILLE; Terry Payne to Nora E Roberts, $60,000.

7821 ST JORDAN CIR, NEWBURGH; Delvin O Hancock, Jr, to Jon Pickard, $245,000.

8799 ARCADIA DR, NEWBURGH; Rodney Reardon to Tyler A Carwile, $145,000.

11911 FOLSOMVILLE RD, TENNYSON; LaShaunda Wiget, Contract Manager, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Matthew J Samples, $36,000.

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