Week of Oct. 6, 2019 (continued):

6422 VANN RD, NEWBURGH; Paul D Rundus to Chad Bailey, $420,000.

709 MCCOOL RD, CHANDLER; Jerry E Phillips to Nathan Williams, $12,000.

8055 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH; Judith Ann Littrell to Zachary K Montgomery, $162,900.

125 E THIRD ST, LYNNVILLE; Sharon Anna Carpenter to Kyle Daniel Hill, $72,900.

8679 PEBBLE CREEK DR, NEWBURGH; Mohammad I Hussain, Authorized Signer, Ruksam Development LLC to Mohammad I Hussain, Sole Member, Kashauna Development LLC, $52,650.

5740 WATERSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Randy A Lance to Allan Bilton Sutton, III, $193,000.

2646 LYNN RIDGE CIR, LYNNVILLE; Eugene C Herr to Denise A Killion, $165,000.

227 FOURTH ST, LYNNVILLE; CHERRY ST, LYNNVILLE; (2 Parcels); Martha Gore to Sandra S Wire, $14,704.

227 FOURTH ST, LYNNVILLE; CHERRY ST, LYNNVILLE; (2 Parcels); Betty Sander, Successor Trustee, Jerry E & Betty Sanders Primary Trust to Martha Gore, $30,000.

3031 CAPSTONE CT, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Talia S Kinkade, $246,465.

6360 DANVILLE CT, NEWBURGH; Jose Alberto Cabrera Rodriguez to Paul "Peewee" Vasquez, Member, Vasquez and Sons LLC, $192,000.

10377 SHAWNEE DR, NEWBURGH; Paul Edward Postin to Adrian S Vasquez, $245,000.

9100 KOST RD, ELBERFELD; Thomas Eugene Kost to Jason A Fuchs, $400,000.

402 E LOCUST ST, BOONVILLE; Norma Nunez to William McBride, $28,500.

7957 DRAKE DR, CHANDLER; Michelle L Bowling to Nicholas A Miller, $148,000.

6866 ROSEWOOD LN, NEWBURGH; Carrie E Hanebutt to Timothy I Kearns, $167,500.

430 BROWN ST. ELBERFELD Peggy S Tuley, Co Per Rep to Bill J Bell, President, Bill Bell Rental LLC, $20,000.

7133 ABELL LN, NEWBURGH; Randy Pruden to David S Bey, $288,000.

4188 HARE CT, NEWBURGH; Jessica Maynard to Amanda B Rice, $130,000.

10686 TECUMSEH DR, NEWBURGH; Daniel Huitha, Authorized Signer, American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Laura Jane Betz, $215,500.

10686 TECUMSEH DR, NEWBURGH; Erik David Bassett to Missy Fisher, Agent, American International Relocation Solutions LLC, $215,500.

5622 ST CLARE DR, NEWBURGH; Marc R Huther to Jon K Hanebutt, $295,000.

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