Week of June 23

7422 TIMBERVIEW DR, NEWBURGH; Renda A. Lains to Michael E Mitchell, $289,900.

2944 STATE RD. 161, TENNYSON; Joseph McBride to Randall H Burdin, $30,000.

6688 MILL CREEK CT., NEWBURGH; Derin J. Patel to Kelly Wonder, $346,000.

2577 BRIARCLIFF DR., NEWBURGH; Michael C. LaBarbera, Co Trustee, LaBarbera Family Trust to Delvin Otto Hancock, Jr, $295,000.

12733 YELLOWBANKS TRAIL RD. LOT 82 N., DALE; Wesley K. Johnson to Heather Faye Johnson, $103,500.

6255 ACADIA DR., NEWBURGH; Michael K. Wilder, Warrick County Sheriff to Chris Whetstine, Rose Products LLC, $91,100.

10233 MARQUETTE ST., NEWBURGH; Lori A. Grimm to Robert B. Grimm, II, $0.

5744 INVERNESS DR., NEWBURGH; Brittany N Marshal to Thomas A. Tillotson, $388,000.

HWY 61 N, BOONVILLE; ST. RD. 61 N, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Timothy Cook, Member, TJC Properties LLC to Jeffrey W Harding, $130,000.

4067 RIDGETOP CT., NEWBURGH; Judy M. Beem to Douglas Mitchell, $219,000.

5916 WATERSTONE DR., NEWBURGH; Kelly N. Wonder to Edgar A. Mullis, Jr., $205,900.

6577 OAKSHIRE CT., NEWBURGH; Staci Renee Cooper, Co Trustee, Darrell W. & Judith A. Cooper Joint Irrevocable Inco to Tyler Andrew Boink, $218,500.

624 FOREST PARK DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Adam W. Underhill to Kelly Jordan, $170,000.

223 JENNINGS ST., NEWBURGH; Andrea Whitehead, Member, House of White LLC to William Morrison, $86,000.

10711 WILLIAMSBURG DR., NEWBURGH; Edgar A Mullis to Rodger A. McHargue, $210,000.

10700 WILLOW CREEK RD., NEWBURGH; Jose Palacios to Jessica E. Rea, $172,000.

5959 BROOKSTONE DR., NEWBURGH; C. Brian McKee to Katherine Caldwell, $310,000.

213 W. WALNUT ST, BOONVILLE; Sherrie L. Sievers, Boonville Now to John Hansen, $4,200.

7388 TIMBERVIEW DR, NEWBURGH; C. M. Bud Downen to Jerry W. Williams, $40,000.

8639 ANGEL DR., NEWBURGH; Donnie Denton, Member, CD Real Estate Development Inc. to Donnie Denton, $60,000.

302 TAYLOR AVE., CHANDLER; Michael K Wilder, Warrick County Sheriff to Mike Lillpop, Member, Todd Acquisitions LLC, $ 85,000.

7099 GARDNER RD, CHANDLER; Benjamin J. Titzer to Jennifer B. Titzer, $0.

1026 JEFFERSON PARK DR., NEWBURGH; David D. Bell to Lisa D. Bell, $0.

5544 IRONWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Erik A. Belford to Christy Valentine, $272,500.

14122 STATE RD. 61, LYNNVILLE; Thomas U. McDaniel to Steven Lawrence Buck, $151,000.

109 LAMEY LN., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Christopher A. Cannon to Donovan M. Wilkins, Member, Longview Too LLC, $54,000.

622 DUSTY RD., BOONVILLE; Glen J. Norton to Erik M. Belford, $400,000.

12733 YELLOWBANKS TRAIL RD. LOT 37, DALE; Donna S. Dugger to Dakota W. Recker, $105,000.

5566 BYERSON DR, NEWBURGH; Joyce M. Adams to Joe Hart, $208,900.

704 KIPER AVE, BOONVILLE; Gregory L. Wasson to Justin N. Adkins, $106,000.

224 W MAIN ST., NEWBURGH; Margaret F. Hammond to Ronald M. Herrell, $89,000.

6555 OAKSHIRE CT., NEWBURGH; Alisa McEachern McCallum to Javier Valazquez, $252,500.

409 W MAIN ST., NEWBURGH; Jordyn C. Koehne to Jonathan W. Bond, $94,000.

145 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John T. Mattingly, President, Driftwood Development LLC. to Steven Paul Gilles, $50,000.

318 EDGEWATER DR., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, President, Driftwood Development LLC. to Michael A. Grimm, $49,500.

10267 BOURBON ST., NEWBURGH; Brandon Lee Scales to Sandra Debes, $105,000.

808 YANKEETOWN HWY., BOONVILLE; Kyle J. Roberts to Andrew M. Hess, $84,000.

3079 CAPSTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Jennifer G. Haddix to Adam W. Underhill, $210,900.

4055 CANDLEWOOD PL., NEWBURGH; Thomas E. Koetting to Robert Moss, $380,000.

3090 CAPSTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Derek W. Miller to Racheal Bouchie, $238,000.

FOLSOMVILLE RD., TENNYSON; (2 Parcels); Karen C. Powell to Larry Thomas, $15,000.

1221 N MAYFAIR DR., BOONVILLE; Joan T. Zahn, Co-Trustee to Charlene A. Christmas, $107,000.

3710 TAYLOR DR., NEWBURGH; Larry W. Sims, Trustee to Janet L. Annest, $255,000.

10034 STONECREEK CIR., NEWBURGH; John Jagielski, Per Rep, Kathy Dunn Jagielski Estate to Eun Joo Park, $440,000.

1366 TURTLE BAY RD. BOONVILLE; Dennis Liechty to Paul Klein, $290,000.

1026 JEFFERSON PARK DR., NEWBURGH; Lisa D. Bell to Jeffrey W. Green, $38,000.

W STATE RD 68, LYNNVILLE; Russell Wallace to David B. Patterson, Agent, State of Indiana, $1,000.

5700 STATE ROAD 66, NEWBURGH; Colin Miller, Operations Supervisor, State of Indiana to Robert Owen Dassel, $1,100.

Week of July 1

8888 N. STATE RD. 161, DALE; (2 Parcels); Michael K. Wilder, Warrick County Sheriff to David A. & Shanna L. Smith, $126,085.

6933 SHARON RD., NEWBURGH; STATE ROAD 66, NEWBURGH; SHARON RD, NEWBURGH; (3 Parcels); William L. Felts, Member, BBCF Properties LLC to Jacob Stauffer, Member, DGOG Newburghin10252018 LLC, $215,000.

5571 BROMPTON DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Heather Bennett Matheson, $375,000.

8788 ARIZONA DR., NEWBURGH; Donna M Divine to Larry J. Faass, $150,000.

5675 KENWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Sharyn L. Highland to Jonathan Patrick Peaugh, $125,000.

6255 FIELDWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Mark C. Schaefer to Jenny E. Camacho, $489,900.

4504 SIERRA DR., BOONVILLE; Melinda G. Grooms to Daniel J. Arvin, $179,500.

401 N. FIRST ST., CHANDLER; William B. Heuring to Terra N. Norman, $139,900.

1020 PHELPS DR., NEWBURGH; David E. Clark, Member, Majic, LLC to Michael F. Kotmel, $120,000.

PINE ST., BOONVILLE; Heinrich J. Brown to Charles R. Wyatt, City of Boonville, $14,327.

7499 PLEASANT RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Michael R. Brown to Ricky L. Brown, $295,000.

312 W. MADISON ST., CHANDLER; Paul Raibley to Robert S. Morrow, $110,000.

408 S. SECOND ST., BOONVILLE; Lisa A. Smith to Raymond L. Lamey, $46,900.

8699 GREYWING DR., NEWBURGH; Paul B. Wunderlich to John R. Smith, $215,000.

9136 HALSTON CIR., NEWBURGH; J. Ronald Hagy to Cynthia A. McFarland, $302,500.

BELL RD., NEWBURGH; Mark D. Herrell to Roger E. Emmons, Warrick County Commissioners, $2,400.

BELL RD., NEWBURGH; Glenda Burchett, Per Rep, Estate of Glenn M. Kuebler to Roger E. Emmons, Warrick County Commissioners, $5,000.

FOLSOMVILLE-DEGONIA RD., TENNYSON; Mary S. Conner to James Scott Boswell, $10,000.

10644 SCALES RD., TENNYSON; Charles D. Scales, Jr., to Jacob Hipp, $112,000.

1017 CREEKSIDE CT., NEWBURGH; Kristen D. Cates to Shawn D. Cates, $0.

341 W. WILLIAMS ST., CHANDLER; Janelle June Miller Weber to Charlie Goebel, VP, Old National Bank, $0.

5442 ABBE WOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Haley Jamison to Elizabeth Anne Alvarez, $389,000.

4977 YORKRIDGE #A CT., NEWBURGH; Michael R. Huther to Amanda J. Pullen, $122,000.

302 W. MONROE ST, CHANDLER; Angela D. Johnson to Wayne H. Duvall, $65,000.

8477 E. LINCOLN TRAIL RD., TENNYSON; Brian K. Fuller to Alexander J. Murphy, $99,900.

6288 WOODMOORE CT., NEWBURGH; Christopher A. Combs, CAC Development Company LLC to Donald M. Bailey, $75,900.

6344 WOODMOORE CT., NEWBURGH; Kara J. Combs, Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Kara J Combs to Bart Mulzer, $175,000.

1103 N. THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; E. NORTH ST., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Sherrie L. Sievers, Boonville Now to Mel Greer, Boonville Investment Group LLC, $1,500.

1224 PARKVIEW DR., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Ronald L. Sutton to Michael A. Freeman, KMF Enterprises LLC, $35,000.

710 TREELANE DR., NEWBURGH; Larry L. Eifler to Brooke Wehr, $190,000.

818 JEFFERSON ST., NEWBURGH; Shirley S. Grzegorek to Wesley Scott Green, $112,000.

HILLS RD., NEWBURGH; Robin M. Laine, KOB LLC to Rodney L. Nicholson, $2,000.

4144 TRINITY DR., NEWBURGH; Xiang Chang Sung to Brent Anthony Caldemeyer, $144,300.

1011 S. THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; Margaret R. Williamson, Senior VP, PS Evansville Housing LLC to Terry Vote, $32,500.

527 W. WALNUT ST., CHANDLER; Margaret R. Williamson, Senior VP, BC Evansville Housing LLC to Dona Ashby, $63,000.

7390 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; 7356 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; 7322 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; 7288 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; 7299 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; (5 Parcels); Thomas R. Bernhardt, President, Bernhardt Enterprises Inc to Doug Lewis, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC, $682,500.

CROWVILLE RD., LYNNVILLE; (4 Parcels); Mark A. Scimio, Vice President, American Land Holdings of Indiana LLC to Tim Cook, Member, T J C Properties LLC, $160,755.

VANN RD, NEWBURGH; William Bradley Joyce to Xavier Joseph Durcholz, Trustee, Durcholz Family Trust, $2,000.

Week of July 7

5800 EPWORTH RD, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Stanley Walls to Melissa R Walls, $0.

7424 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Thomas R Bernhardt, President, Bernhardt Enterprises Inc to Allan Holweger, $44,000.

7644 LIBERTY CT, NEWBURGH; John M Jacobs to Denise Bartholomew, $295,000.

2315 JULIANNE CIR, NEWBURGH; Marc J Florence to Christopher Logan Carden, $415,000.

1721 AUTUMN DR, BOONVILLE; David J Steigner to Kyle J Roberts, $116,000.

1700 CENTER RD, BOONVILLE; Patrick Tyring to Scott M Van Wormer, $670,000.

8999 WOODLAND DR, NEWBURGH; Jeffrey Black, AMS Home Investments LLC to AMS Home Investments LLC, $123,000.

8311 OUTER LINCOLN AVE, NEWBURGH; Cindy Schoonover, Per Rep, Estate of William Joseph Smith to Aaron Gabe, Sole Member, Benchmark Contracting LLC, $75,500.

4682 LINCOLN POINTE DR, NEWBURGH; Chris Quarcelino to Dmitry Leonov, $194,000.

355 E SHELTON RD, BOONVILLE; Mariola Broas, Asst Sec, US Bank National Association to David Forehand, $66,675.

10655 TECUMSEH DR, NEWBURGH; Scott A Kierstead to Timothy I Kearns, $157,500.

10569 FALL CREEK DR, NEWBURGH; Sara A Hard to Carol A Head, $145,000.

5811 CLIFTMEERE DR, NEWBURGH; Donald J Brown to Stephen Jay Newton, Jr, $410,000.

305 JULIAN ST, ELBERFELD; Jessie L McKean to Kala J Pepper, $130,000.

244 OWENSBORO RD, BOONVILLE; David L Gore, Per Rep, Estate of Steven R Gore to Norman Hicks, $55,000.

5733 VICTORIA BLUFFS DR, NEWBURGH; Christopher A Combs, Member, 2400 Green River Investments LLC to Jake Stocks, $110,000.

5733 VICTORIA BLUFFS DR, NEWBURGH; Jake Stocks to Kara J Combs, Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Kara J Combs IR, $110,000.

4330 WYNBROOKE CT, NEWBURGH; Christopher A Kruckenberg to Aleksandr Lyashchuk, $274,000.

5666 ST CATHERINE CT, NEWBURGH; Valerie K Flaherty to Robert S Wainman, $162,500.

5266 E TIMBERWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Jesse N Richardson to Lynn Vargo, $194,000.

4411 ASHBURY PARKE DR, NEWBURGH; Alfred H Grabhorn, Trustee, Alfred H Grabhorn Amended & Restated Recovable Tru to Ahmed Jawad, $330,000.

5800 LISA LN, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Lauren E Taylor to Emily Meier, Member, Pookie Properties LLC, $105,000.

1617 S FIRST ST, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Joseph C Amiano to Davina Dee Curtis, $160,000.

6600 WOODCREST CT, NEWBURGH; James Pritchard Renne to Scott W Hellmer, $331,000.

5786 RIVER WALK CIR, NEWBURGH; Kyle Williams to Derek E Arrasmith, $116,000.

6544 OAKLAND CT, NEWBURGH; Ross A Vandegriff to Evan Richard Zeller, $287,000.

1 RIVER BEND CT, NEWBURGH; Scherri W Arens, Trustee, The Revocable Trust of Scherri W Arens to Derek Andrew Clark, $815,000.

407 ROBINSON RD, DALE; John Raymond, III & Jennifer Renee Fox to John H York, $5,000.

3344 EASTBROOKE CT, NEWBURGH; Sahar Bittar to Montaser El-Menshawi, $0.

1688 TOW PATH RD, CHANDLER; 1500 TOW PATH RD, CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Robert Allen Johnson to Elmer H Brown, Jr, $37,000.

6319 WOODLAND SPRINGS, NEWBURGH; Randall L McClary to Robert W Palmer, $103,000.

212 W MAIN ST, NEWBURGH; Josey L Lewis to David Allen Schroeder, $277,500.

3844 DEER RUN CT, BOONVILLE; Bridget J Love to William Bishop, $32,000.

5735 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Land Corporation to Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc, $32,900.

5735 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Logan James Ball, $246,260.

5677 MORNINGSIDE DR, NEWBURGH; Stephen Dale Jones to Douglas J Chambon, $270,000.

1822 DOGWOOD LN, BOONVILLE; 1766 DOGWOOD LN, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Richard Kolley to Kevin W Scott, Jr, $135,500.

200 THIRD ST, LYNNVILLE; Timothy Kruse to Katelyn E Kruse Barnes, $25,000.

1313 E WALNUT ST, BOONVILLE; Sherrie L Sievers, Boonville Now to Matthew A Daywalt, $6,500.

691 PEGGY LN, CHANDLER; Tula Richter to Trevor Robertson, $4,500.

693 PEGGY LN, CHANDLER; Lisa Sue Coon to Charles M King, $500.

210 S THIRD ST, BOONVILLE; 206 S THIRD ST, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Mark Hart Hendrickson, CEO, Peoples Trust & Savings Bank to Lisa Harris, $95,000.

289 PERSIMMON CIR, BOONVILLE; Melvin G Stover to Ryan K McConnell, $257,000.

2893 ALEX CT, NEWBURGH; Nathan Long to Brandon P Burns, $198,000.

333 GENEVA WAY, BOONVILLE; Brett Woolsey to Dylan Brewer, $410,000.

1999 BENT TREE DR , NEWBURGH; Niall R Mullane to Chad A Metten, $310,000.

4322 WYNBROOKE DR, NEWBURGH; Erik L Folger to Joshua W Beavin, $257,000.

8088 KINGSTON DR, NEWBURGH; Lindsay A Roberts to Jonathan B Mullins, $284,900.

4077 LINCOLN TRAIL RD, TENNYSON; Jacob R Taylor to Mindy Renae Baize, $80,000.

104 SOUTHGATE DR, NEWBURGH; Patrick Stine to Corinna Antoinette Dugan, $172,000.

403 S SECOND ST, BOONVILLE; Bruce Tippett to Sierra N Tippett, $95,000.

7356 PEACHWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; Brent Holweger, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC to Carly Ann Cresswell, $695,000.

4409 MARTHA CT, NEWBURGH; Chad Van Zilen, Van Development LLC to Chad Van Zilen, Van Zilen Enterprises LLC, $45,000.

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