A pair of fires broke out a few days apart around the northern Newburgh area, leading to the burning of a house and a vehicle.

On Friday, Sept. 3 a fire occurred at a Newburgh home. The fire burned in a subdivision on Hillsdale Drive in the Newburgh area. The house was on the 4200 block of Hillsdale Drive and the Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department responded.

While the initial cause of the fire is not known at this time, the Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department’s Captain Jason Warren, who serves as the department’s public relations official, confirmed that the fire spread from a vehicle in the garage which burned before spreading onto the house.

More information has not been made available since the fire, although the Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department confirmed that the investigation into the fire is ongoing. This report was confirmed by a representative of the Warrick County Sheriff’s Department. There will be updates as more information is made available.

Following the incident, another fire occurred on Monday, Sept. 6 on Oak Grove Road in Newburgh. The fire was believed to have sparked between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. This was a vehicular fire that occurred in a new Ford pickup truck. The cause of the fire was also unclear but explosions were confirmed to be heard coming from the truck. The Ohio Township Fire Department confirmed this was coming from ammunition being stored inside the truck which exploded due to the heat. The fire occurred near John H. Castle Elementary School.

Fire departments confirmed that there were no injuries in the vehicular fire and no information on injuries in the house fire have yet been released.

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