Newburgh has always been a place where the creative juices flow. So it should be no surprise that theatre in Newburgh lives on. In 2012, Newburgh Theatre was resurrected after having been absent for a number of years. 

Tickets go on sale Saturday, Sept. 17 for Newburgh Community Theatre’s performance of Neil Simon’s “Fools.” There seems to be no better venue than Preservation Hall. The stained glass lined space just embodies what Historic Newburgh is all about. 

“‘Fools’ has been lots of fun for the actors – the audience is going to thoroughly enjoy the non-stop laughter! Even after plenty of rehearsals, I still laugh so hard! The characters are cursed with stupidity but the audience is going to love their innocence and simplicity,” said Margaret Dennis, one of the Newburgh Community Theatre’s board members.

There are 10 characters in this show. Leon Tolchinsky (Matt Hummel), a bright-eyed, idealistic young schoolteacher was recently hired by a local doctor to help turn this highly “confused” village into much more than they are. 

Something, Something Snetsky (Cole Mason), is known as Snetsky the Sheep Loser. For the Magistrate (Lawrence Taylor), it’s always “nine o’clock and all is well.” For Slovitch, the butcher (Mike LaBarbera), if the village curse is lifted, his greatest fear will be finding he’s really stupid. Miskin, the postman (Leo Kempf), has challenges with delivering the mail.

Yenchna, the vendor (Valerie Ewers), offers “fish” disguised as flowers, because the village fishermen caught no fish that day. The medical training of Dr. Nikoli  Zubritsky (Mike Deicken), is questionable. He offers his patient a prescription to take to the druggist and suggests the patient “pick out something he likes” and to “take it three times daily with a little water.” 

Lenya Zubritsky, the doctor’s wife (Mikayla Eubanks), is easily confused. She has a hard time finding the door and can’t remember why there’s been a “nurse…no, a hearse or something like that” placed upon the village.

The real drama is with Sophia Zubritsky, the daughter (Dorothy Sibrel). How dumb is she? She has lit her curtains on fire because she wanted to read and couldn’t find a candle. While it is not spoken of in Kulyenchikov, she is falling for the schoolteacher. Is it “like” or something deeper? 

Count  Gregor Yousekevitch (Jed Hutson) is a slimy little snake of a man. Although consistently rejected, he proposed twice daily to Sophia. The townspeople believe that he’s the guy who “throws water down  upon them” whenever there’s thunder. 

The show is directed by veteran actor and director Laurie Baumer. It is produced and co-directed by Matt Mason.

It sounds like this show is going to make us laugh. The show dates are Thursday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, Oct. 2. Sunday will be a matinee at 2 p.m. and the other days are evening shows at 7 p.m. The tickets are all $15 each and will be going on sale this Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Historic Newburgh, Inc. office at 517 West Main.

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