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Habitat’s most recent house project is pictured.

Habitat for Humanity is well known for its humanitarian efforts around the United States and the world, but they operate right in the backyard of Warrick County. Recently, the organization resumed construction of several houses in the area that were halted during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Their project to build a house in western Warrick County has been successful after an unfortunate series of delays. At the start of the pandemic virtually all projects by Habitat for Humanity, both locally and abroad, were suspended. This was for multiple reasons, most notably the difficulty of organizing groups of people together during the pandemic and the suspension of sponsorships and supporters.

Raising money for supplies stopped shortly before groundbreaking on Habitat’s current project, which stalled for a year. The typical format for a Habitat project is that funding is gained through sponsors before then obtaining the material and land for a housing project. Following this applications are submitted online. There are many requirements for an applicant to be granted a house, including drug screenings and income checks. Each application is reviewed before the recipients are decided. Each individual application is weighed based on applicant need, their willingness to partner with Habitat and their ability to repay a mortgage through an affordable benefit plan, according to their website. After this construction begins and volunteers, including the recipient, begin work on the project. Typically builds last less than a year before the recipient can move into his or her new home.

In this case, the house has been given to a Warrick County resident who is a single mother of several children. She explained how much of a relief it was to have a house now, and she was very grateful to the Habitat for Humanity organization for the opportunity to become a homeowner.

Habitat has plans to begin a new project in a subdivision in Chandler after the completion of this project. They would like to resume being a resource for the community in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Habitat for Humanity of Warrick County is located at 10622 Telephone Road in Chandler. For more information, call 812-858-3707 or visit warrickcounty habitat.org

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