Officials celebrated the breaking of ground at the new Digestive Care Center — Center of Excellence facility last week in Newburgh.

The new facility is relocating to Venetian Drive in Newburgh and will be a part of the Warrick County Wellness Trail medical corridor. Warrick County Economic Development Director Steve Roelle said the 50,000 sq. ft., three story facility is planned to open in October of 2021.

Roelle said the facility is planned to house Digestive Care’s medical offices, endoscopic surgery center, pathology lab and infusion center with more room to expand.

Dr. Michael Rusche said the facility plans to meet the needs of individuals with gastrointestinal care.

“[…] This building is going to represent a commitment to the community to provide comprehensive GI care and quality of care that these citizens deserve,” Rusche said.

Roelle said the facility meets all of the goals Warrick County has for the corridor and for economic development within the county.

“Warrick [County has] a goal of attracting world-class medical facilities, outstanding healthcare for our residents, investment and 21st Century Jobs,” he said. “Digestive Care Center- Center of Excellence meets all those goals.”

Earlier this year the Warrick County Council approved a tax-phase in for the new facility.

In January, Roelle said the Digestive Care Center has been operating in the area for 40 years and is a private physicians group. He told the council that this means the company has administrative privileges at nearby major hospitals, but is not affiliated directly with any local hospitals and is not exempt from property taxes.

Earlier this year, Roelle said the company has outgrown their facility in Evansville and saw the opportunity to relocate to Warrick County.

“This provides them the opportunity to expand and to offer new services,” he said in January.

In total, Roelle said the update will bring $13 million in real estate investment, $1 million in equipment and an approximate annual payroll for 129 employees at $9.95 million. But, Roelle said it’s not just about what the new facility itself will bring.

“I personally believe this project is going to spur additional new development around that area,” he said.

For information visit the Digestive Care Center’s website at

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