For two years Allan Scott looked up in Boonville and saw something missing.

Scott, owner of Scott’s Crane Service, made sure the flag stationed on top of the Warrick County Courthouse was not forgotten despite emblem missing from the building for two years. Scott said the flag’s rope was torn, but the county was limited due to the expense of repairing the rigging for the flag, which stands at 153 feet to the tip of the flagpole.

That’s when Scott took the issue into his own hands. He said he worked with the county to develop a more cost effective plan to utilize drones to carry a new rope to the top of the Courthouse.

“I grew up in Boonville and I wanted [the flag] to get back up there,” he said.

Scott said anytime he saw the empty dome at the top of the building while the flag was missing he would say to himself and others that he would make sure the flag could return to the top of the building. He said reaching the tip of the flagpole was a challenge with options involving cranes or helicopters turning too expensive.

After surveying the building with drones, Scott said he attached the rope for the flagpole to the drone to allow it to climb more than 150 feet on Tuesday, Jan. 5. Now, for the first time in since the rope became damaged, the flag can be seen again flying above the Boonville square.

Scott said he wasn’t alone in the effort. He said Boonville VFW Post 3418 and Women’s Auxiliary donated the new flag, Berry’s Shoe Shop contributed with extra stitching and reinforcements, Vernon Lifting Products donated cable and hardware and Dwayne Schmitt of KAD Farms and Produce assisted with the job.

“Two years after we finally got [the flag] back up there,” Scott said.

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