Top stories of 2016: Republicans sweep Warrick County elections

Warrick County has overwhelmingly continued to support Republican leadership.

Republican candidates for all open county offices won their races Tuesday night.

Patty Perry defeated Sarah Kemp Aull in the race for Warrick County Clerk, Pat Brooks topped Democrat Dan Ashley in the race for Warrick County Recorder, republican Judy Beem topped democratic candidate Pat King in the Warrick County Treasurer’s race and republican candidates Charlie Christmas, Ted Metzger and Brad Overton took the three open seats on the Warrick County Council. Republican candidate for the Warrick County Commissioners District 1 seat, Dan Saylor, republican candidate for the Warrick County Commissioners District 3 seat, Bob Johnson, republican candidate for Warrick County Surveyor, Phil Baxter, and Warrick County Coroner candidate Sarah Seaton, all ran unopposed.

Across the county, the state and the nation, American voters chose republicans as their leaders. In Warrick County, newly elected leaders said having republican leadership in the state and the White House will help officials in our county continue to bring growth to the community.

“People in Warrick County were looking for a change,” Johnson said. “I’m looking forward to working for the people.”

Saylor said he is happy to be a part of a movement for change while serving the people of Warrick County.

“It’s clear that at a nationwide level people wanted change,” Saylor said. “People are tired of the establishment and the same old politics. I’m humbled the people chose me.”

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