Primrose of Newburgh is one of the most established and respected retirement communities in Warrick County, and they have won many awards in the past few years. This year that tradition continues as they have been named a “community of the year” by their parent company, Primrose Retirement Communities LLC.

As retirement communities and elder care are important parts of the Newburgh community, being able to choose the right one is crucial. Awards like these help set Primrose apart while also reassuring those who have family staying with them.

“Each year, we recognize Primrose communities across the company who have excelled at fulfilling our mission of creating happy and healthy living environments for our senior population,” Primrose LLC President BJ Schaefbauer said in a press release. “This award is a reflection of the team members who are passionate about working together to provide person-centered lifestyles to their residents. We are proud to honor Primrose of Newburgh with this award for 2020.”

The award that Primrose has won this year is judged by a metric of which retirement communities are rated highest by staff. In the last year, as medical workers have faced a greater strain than perhaps any other time in recent history, their opinions are being considered more highly. While this is not the first staff award presented to Primrose Retirement Community, it is an indicator of their continued dedication to not only providing top quality care to their residents but also a comfortable work environment for their staff.

Primrose of Newburgh explained their excitement at receiving the award in a press release in which they stated they were honored to receive the award and were proud of their staff for their hard work and achievement.

Last year Primrose was awarded the NRC Health award for Employee Approved Employer, a similar award that distinguished popular workplaces in the healthcare industry. Primrose’s commitment to quality care is a major part of their identity and their Newburgh location is no exception.

Primrose Retirement Communities operates facilities all over the country and their location in Newburgh at 9800 Lincoln Avenue includes assisted living homes, memory care apartment homes, townhome villas and independent living homes. Primrose’s headquarters is located in Aberdeen, South Dakota and has been operating since 1989.

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