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This fall parents in northern Warrick County will have a new option for preschool in the area. Sprout Academy Preschool, a Boonville based preschool that focuses on early childhood education and kindergarten readiness, is opening a new location in Lynnville.

The new operation will be conducted in the building of St. Matthew’s Church in Lynnville, who is offering a space for the academy. Bright Beginnings, a daycare based out of the church, is working as a part of the collaboration to expand the offerings of the daycare.

Ashley Campbell, the director of Sprout Academy Preschool, explained the significance of the partnership, “Sprouts’s teachers having elementary teaching degrees. We are educated in the field of early childhood teaching. The daycare provides what most working parents need by watching them for longer hours. We are essentially taking a more traditional daycare and incorporating a more educational curriculum for the entire community to be added to the daycare.”

Since Sprout Academy Preschool has a greater focus on kindergarten readiness and education, it only lasts for three hours a week. This makes it less viable as an all day care center for working parents, but with this collaboration they will be able to offer parents both. The daycare will mostly function normally, but with a few hours of teaching and education from Sprout Academy to help the kids learn in the process.

The shorter distance that Lynnville-based parents will need to travel in order to send their kids to daycare is one of the benefits of the collaboration. Currently, some Lynnville parents send their kids to Boonville for only a three hour preschool. With the opening of Sprout Academy, parents will have a much shorter commute and have the option to leave students there for a longer timeframe.

“This allows me to teach more kids and there’s a bit of an imbalance between kids who go to daycare and kids who go to preschool, and this is an attempt to breach that gap,” says Campbell of the goals of the expansion into Lynnville.

“I actually had never thought about it before COVID,” Campbell added. “We were closed for the end of the school year and we were looking into opportunities to stay open and reach more children. St. Matthew’s Church was looking to add quality education to their childcare. Before this Lynnville was sending kids from there all the way to here.”

The pandemic ended up being a major opportunity for reconsideration and expansion for the work of Sprout Academy, according to Campbell.

Kaila Byers, the daycare director at Bright Beginnings, has begun working with Campbell as they prepare for the upcoming school year. The next year of Sprout Academy begins on Aug. 19.

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