Municipal election set for tomorrow

Elections for municipal office are set for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The regular election will include races for several town and city council seats, Boonville mayor and Newburgh and Chandler Clerk-Treasurer. The general election follows the highly contested primary election this year which resulted in a special election held for the democratic candidate for the Boonville Council District 4 seat.

Incumbent Steve Byers originally won the election during the primary, before Democratic opponent Chad Pryor ended up unseating him after a special election was ordered, due to the e-poll books not having the correct district voting data. The Warrick County Election Board later on officially declared Pryor on the Democratic ticket, while Jim Miller is on the Republican ticket.

For the At-large seat, incumbent Larry Lacer will face Republican candidate Bobby Alexander, in District 1, incumbent David Talley will face Republican Sherrie Sievers, in District 2, incumbent Bob Canada will face Republican candidate Reid Madden and in District 3, incumbent and Democratic candidate Mike Webb will run unopposed.

Webb, 46, said he decided to run for another term because it’s his chance to continue investing into the community he cares so deeply about.

“I have lived here my entire life, raised a family,” he said. “I just want to provide a good, safe place for our families to live in and be proud of. And obviously, with all of the improvements and the redevelopment of the square, we are investing in the community.”

If re-elected Webb said his constituents can trust he has their best interests at heart.

“I want to represent the citizens in my district and the city,” he said. “I want to represent the citizens to the best of my ability. They can trust that I have honesty and integrity.”

Meanwhile, current Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt will face opposition from Republican candidate Leah Barnett. In addition, Boonville Clerk-Treasurer Tammy Winsett Boruff will run unopposed as a Democrat.

Winsett Boruff said she is running again because she loves the city of Boonville.

“I’ve watched it transform over 25 years from a place that was great to live in, but it’s actually become even better,” she said. “It’s become a destination now for people. And it’s exciting to me and I’m glad to be apart of it.”

The clerk-treasurer said the community aspect of her job is just as a pleasure to be apart of as the financial work.

“I enjoy my job and being able to do the financial part and making sure everything is paid on time,” she said. “I love being the city clerk and I hope to continue.”

In Newburgh, contested races include two council seats and Newburgh Clerk-Treasurer.

Current Clerk-Treasurer, Nanette Angel was appointed to the position by a Democratic committee after the passing of former Clerk-Treasurer Jon Lybarger. Now, she will be opposed by Republican candidate Jed Hutson.

In District 1, current council president Bill Kavannaugh will not seek reelection, but the seat will be sought after by Democratic candidate Steve Shoemaker and former council member Leanna Hughes as the republican candidate. In District 4, incumbent Anne Aurand will be opposed by Democratic candidate John Mattingly. However, in District 3, incumbent and Republican candidate Stacie Krieger will run unopposed.

In Chandler, the only contested race is for the Chandler Town Council At-large seat. Currently the position is held by Sean Johnson, but he is not seeking reelection. Michael Bell will run as the Republican candidate while Sandy Elder will run as the Democratic candidate.

In addition, incumbent Cheryl Amos will run unopposed as theDemocratic candidate for the council’s District 1 seat and incumbent Tonya Wester will run unopposed as the Republican candidate for the council’s District 3 seat. Current Chandler Clerk-Treasurer Brian Pace will run opposed as a Democrat.

The election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5, with polls open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. For information or to check your voter registration call the Warrick County Election Office at 812-897-6161 or visit


Warrick County Polling Locations:

Boon 1, 4, 6: Old Courthouse

Boon 2, 12: Governor Boon Square Bldg A

Boon 3: Boonville Midddle School

Boon 5, 7: Boonville High School Boys Gym

Boon 12, Ohio 7, 14: Chandler Community Center

Ohio 3, 20: Newburgh Senior Citizens Center

Ohio 4, 22: Newburgh Legion

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