Work is beginning at Preservation Hall in Newburgh after the Newburgh Town Council approved bids for the project.

The council approved awarding the $182,655 bid to Danco Construction in their regular meeting on Wednesday, May 13. The council moved forward with the project earlier this year after a preliminary exploratory study showed that water was wicking up the walls in the building without a moisture barrier. The floor plan for the project was approved in the March 11 regular meeting.

Now that the contracts are in place, Newburgh Facilities Coordinator Andrea Balboni said the work on the building can start right away. Council president Stacie Krieger said she is relieved the work is able to get going.

“It’s wonderful to get that bid awarded,” she said.

The new floor plan for the building includes office space, event space and even a bridal suite area. In the March 11 meeting, Newburgh Town Manager Christy Powell said the goal for the floor plan was to maximize the use of the space as well as allow it to remain in use for years to come.

“We’re making several usable spaces for tomorrow or 10 years from now. It can fit all kinds of uses in the future,” she said. “This maximizes the use of the building and the ability for us to get some sort of cost recovered for that.”

Town Council Member Anne Aurand said the floor plans were labored over in committee. She said the result ticks most of the boxes in resolving previous concerns with the space.

“This is the best of the best of what we came up with over about a two month period of looking over these potential floor plans,” she said.

Powell said the overall project will include wood work, implementing a chemical grout throughout the building and plaster repair on the inside in addition to the brick and mortar work.

The council will meet again for their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 27, at 5:30 p.m.

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