The Warrick County Commissioners approved the list of 32 small businesses that would receive $250,000 in coronavirus relief funds.

Warrick County Administrator Roger Emmonds said the 32 Warrick County small businesses applied for the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs [OCRA] COVID-19 Response Grant Funds. He said the county isn’t obligated to release the names of the businesses, but he noted that they were reviewed by the Southwestern Indiana Economic Development Coalition prior to being sent to OCRA.

In addition, Emmonds said each company had to provide documentation that the funds received would help them retain a specific number of employees.

Commissioner Terry Phillippe said the funds could have been used for other projects, but the county chose to pass the funds on to small businesses in the community.

“There were other things that we could have used the $250,000 for. We can’t really give examples, but we chose to help the businesses,” he said.

Commissioner Dan Saylor said the funds will be divided between the 32 businesses after fees paid to the coalition are subtracted. He said he is happy the county chose to help local businesses and hopes more help will be in the future.

“We hope this helps,” he said. “We hope it makes a difference and maybe there will be some more money coming down the pike for some additional help to the local businesses.”

Later in the meeting, Warrick County Auditor Debbie Stevens told the commissioners that the county was not hit hard after the recent property tax deadline as was expected and was experienced in other areas as a result of shutdowns throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Stevens told the council that close to 99% of taxes were paid on time. She said most tax units were at 100% except for one in a heavily populated area — the largest tax unit in the county — which was at 97%.

“We’re in great shape,” she said. “It was the largest tax unit in the county that fell a little bit short. So, just a little bit of leeway of having an extension on their taxes with no penalties, It was helpful to a lot.”

The Warrick County Commissioners will meet again on Monday, July 13, at 4 p.m.

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