Due to available excess funds, a project to rehab a bridge near Tennyson is receiving funding for design and planning.

Warrick County Assistant Engineer Steve Sherwood told the Warrick County Commissioners that the Evansville Metropolitan Agency has approved federal funding for design and plans to rehab Bridge 200 on Lincoln Trail Road in northeast Warrick County. He said the funding was made available after Warrick County Highway Engineer Bobby Howard inquired about available funding.

“There was some, which we don’t normally expect,” Sherwood said in the commissioner’s regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 28. “We would have to pay 100% of the professional engineering and design for these projects.”

Community Crossings projects announcedSherwood also announced that four repaving projects will move forward because of funds from the state.

Sherwood told the Warrick County Commissioners that the Community Crossings Matching Grant program recently awarded Warrick County $508,847.20 to cover necessary road maintenance. The road work proposed to be paid for with the funding includes repaving Millersburg Road from State Street east to the western Boonville City limits west of Eskew Road, Pollock Avenue from State Road 662 to the Vanderburgh County line, Stacer Road from State Road 662 to Pollock Avenue and Sharon Road between State Road 66 and State Road 61.

Warrick County Commissioner Dan Saylor commended Sherwood and Howard on continuing to pursue this and other funding opportunities. He said the grants are basically a way the county can pay for projects without borrowing or spending large amounts of budgeted funds on projects.

“Some of these grants are not really easy to write,” he said. “It takes time and effort, so I appreciate you guys going out and assessing what roads need to be done.”

Libbert Road closing for six daysAfter much discussion and delay, the Warrick County Commissioners have approved a six-day closure of Bell Road for a continuation of the Newburgh sewer restoration of the Triple Crown Lift Station.

The project has faced delays after coming across underground issues. Ragle, Inc., the company working on the Triple Crown project, previously requested a closure, but the commissioners denied the request because Bell Road was already closed for road maintenance in the same area and both roads being closed could have caused traffic issues.

In addition, Sherwood told the board Ragle also originally requested three weeks, but the Warrick County Highway Department worked with the company to limit the closure. He suggested the board include penalties for going over the proposed six days in the agreement along with specifications on how the road should be repaired after the work is complete.

Ultimately, the commissioners decided to issue a fine of $10,000 per day that the project continues after six days, unless inclement weather makes it impossible to work.

“It has to be significant enough to make them hurry,” Commissioner Bob Johnson said.

The Warrick County Commissioners are scheduled to meet in their regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 11, at 4 p.m.

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