Top stories of 2016: Warrick County Board of Zoning Appeals approves egg laying operation

After months of opposition, the Warrick County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the application from Prime Foods, LLC for a special use permit to construct an egg laying facility north of Boonville.

The application first came before the board in September. Due to an amendment to the original application, the board voted to approved a motion to continue to give the appropriate time for notification. A month later, a few hundred officials and remonstrators crammed into the Commissioners meeting room for the only item on the boards agenda. Ten hours later, after a presentation from the Prime Foods representative, board questions about the presentation, remonstrator comments in favor of the operation, a presentation from the opposing attorney and, finally, comments from remonstrators against the operation, the meeting was adjourned for a decision to be made in the board’s November meeting.

In the time between meetings, many continued to speak out against the proposed operation. Indiana House Representative, Ron Bacon (R-75) added his voice by gathering with a group in opposition of the farm and read a letter written to Prime Foods on the lawn of the Warrick County Courthouse.

Bacon said he spoke with Prime Foods, as well as constituents, and feels it’s his responsibility to find a solution for everyone.

“To that end, I promise to do everything in my power to work with Prime Foods, and I will bring to bear everything the state of Indiana has to offer to assist in selecting and developing an alternate location.”

In the end, the board approved the application stating that no issue had been found that would keep the board from approving the special use permit.

“One of the goals of the comprehensive plan is to preserve Warrick County as a place that values and enhances the interest of agribusiness,” the motion read. “Prime Foods promotes agriculture, agribusiness and job growth in Warrick County as a significant economic impact on the community...Local folks will be selling the grain for the feed, local drivers will be driving the trucks to take the manure and eggs out. The ripple effect of Indiana agriculture is staggering and will have a positive impact on Warrick County.”

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