The Boonville City Council approved the awards for 50 local businesses due to funds from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

Mayor Charlie Wyatt said the city was able to award nearly $5,000 to 50 Boonville businesses after the city received a $250,000 grant from OCRA to supply the funds. He said the city worked with the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana to apply for the second phase of funds offered to help local businesses.

“Each one of those 50 will get a check for $4,875 to help keep our local businesses open,” Wyatt said. “I think it’s been a success.”

Meanwhile, the city is continuing to keep Boonville City Hall closed to the public. Wyatt said he has been tested twice for the test and was expecting to continue to quarantine at the time of the council’s meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

“We’re still keeping everything in kind of a lockdown,” he said.

Wyatt said he has no symptoms, but has tested positive and is following the city’s protocol to limit the spread of the virus. He said it has been the city’s policy to only conduct essential business at City Hall while taking temperatures and requiring masks of individuals in the building.

“This stuff goes through people pretty quick and it debilitates everybody real quick and the ability to do their job,” he said. “[...] Please wear your mask, please practice social distancing. We can beat this thing and everybody’s got to be a part of it to do it.”

Wyatt stressed that residents should follow precautions including wearing a mask and maintaining distance.

“It’s real. I know I’ve lost two or three very near and dear friends…,” he said. “I just ask you to do what you should be doing. Wear that mask and social distancing. We’ll get through this.”

The Boonville City Council and Board of Works meets in a joint meeting every Tuesday at 4 p.m. aired live on WBNL.

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