The polls are closed for the 2019 municipal election primary and the results are in.

There were contested races in Boonville, Chandler and Newburgh as candidates vied to be selected as candidates for the general election in the fall.

In Boonville, total voter turnout was 461 out of 4,539 registered voters. In the contested District 4 city council race for democratic candidate, incumbent Steve Byers came out on top of challenger Chad Pryor and will be unopposed in the fall.

In Chandler, total voter turnout was 193 out of 2,219 registered voters. In the contested race for both candidacies for the town council at-large seat, Michael Bell came out on top for the republican candidacy and Sandy Elder came out witht he win for the democratic candidacy.

In Newburgh, total voter turnout was 78 of 2,442 registered voters. In the contested race for republican candidacy for the clerk-treasurer, Jed Hutson came out over Leanna Hughes for the opportunity to run against democratic candidate Nannette Angel.

Total vote tallies are as follows:

Boonville Mayor

323 - Charles R. Wyatt (D)

84 - Leah Barnett (R)

Boonville Clerk - Treasurer

305 - Tammy Winsett Boruff (D)

Boonville City Council District 1

34 - David A. Talley (D)

Boonville City Council District 2

78 - Bob Canada (D)

37 - Reid Madden (R)

Boonville City Council District 3

41 - Mike Webb (D)

Boonville City Council District 4

112 - Steve Byers (D)

84 - Chad M. Pryor (D)

Boonville City Council At-large

291 - Larry Lacer (D)

Newburgh Clerk- Treasurer

18 - Leanna K. Hughes (R)

30 - Jed W. Hutson (R)

27 - Nannette Kothe-Angel (D)

Newburgh Town Council District 1

27- Steve Shoemaker (D)

Newburgh Town Council District 3

44 - Stacie M. Krieger (R)

Newburgh Town Council District 4

41 - Anne Rust Aurand (R)

Chandler Town Council District 1

25 - Cheryl Amos (D)

Chandler Town Council District 3

24 - Tonya F. Wester (R)

Chandler Town Council At-large

49 - Michael Bell (R)

21 - Brett Healy (R)

5 - Brian K. Hinkle (R)

13 - Ben Warren (R)

14 - Jill Weiland (R)

84 - Sandy D. Elder (D)

7 - Nicholas Messer (D)

Chandler Clerk-Treasurer

68 - Brain Pace (D)

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