If you caught the second presidential debate on Sunday, Oct. 9, you know the presidential election is heating up more than ever. But we still have races going on at home in Warrick County that we need to focus on. This week, The Standard is taking a look at the candidates running for Warrick County Recorder — democrat Dan Ashley and republican Pat Brooks.

The recorder has many responsibilities, including recording and filing documents from surveys, articles of incorporation, powers of attorney, federal tax liens and plats to assignments, deeds, releases, military discharges, bonds, real estate contracts, mortgages, affidavits, condominiums and cemetery deeds.

Ashley is currently serving as the chief deputy at the Warrick County’s Recorder Office, a position he was recently appointed too. He began his duties on Sept. 12. His main job is to take over responsibilities when the current recorder, Yvonne Hughes, is absent.

This is his first time running for public office and Ashley said he is proud to be the democratic candidate for recorder.

“I am 52 years old and decided to take the leap,” Ashley said on why he finally decided to run for an elected position.

Ashley grew up in Boonville and graduated from Boonville High School. He is a lifelong and active member of the Main Street United Methodist Church and has volunteered with many of the local Boonville youth sports, including the Boonville Youth baseball, basketball and soccer teams. He has also volunteered as a concession worker and has two children, Patrick and Noah.

Ashley said he is qualified for the job of recorder because he has had 30 years of experience researching the indexes of recorded documents in the recorder’s office and preparing and presenting documents in the recorder’s office for Don Ashley’s Law Office and Ashley Land Title.

Ashley said if he is elected, he hopes to continue the work he is currently doing in the recorder’s office.

“I’ve worked very hard as chief deputy in the office,” he said. “And I have roots in the community.”

Ashley said people should vote for him because he is by far the most qualified person for the job.

“And I will provide professional, knowledgeable and courteous leadership,” he said.

Pat Brooks is the current Warrick County Treasurer and held the position of recorder from 2004 to 2012. She was also the Ohio Township Trustee from 1995 to 2002 and awarded the title of Indiana State Trustee of the Year out of 1,008 townships in 1999. In 1980, she founded Newburgh Tax service, which her daughter now runs. Brooks has also practiced real estate for over 22 years.

Brooks said she accomplished a lot during her previous two terms as recorder, including turning the old jukebox like system they had into an online software, developing a fraud alert for documents, digitizing the aperture cards over three days in 24 hour shifts with the other women in the office, developing an e-recording system instead of having things mailed in and restoring some of the old books about women in Warrick County.

Brooks said she decided to run for a third term because she loves the recorder’s office.

“People think it’s a boring job,” she said, “but I think it’s exciting. Recording is second nature to me.”

Brooks said she also loves the history that comes with the office, staying busy and getting to help the taxpayers.

She said if she is elected, she wants to make sure that the back indexing has been done correctly and would check on the perpetuation fund.

“I want to rebuild and refocus on our records,” Brooks said.

She said people should vote for her because she knows the value of hard work.

“I have the education, experience and proven track record at the recorder’s office,” Brooks said. “And I can bring it to an exceptional standard.”

Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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