Hurley running for state representative

John Hurley

Democrat John Hurley has made the decision to run for the Indiana House District 75 seat -- he previously ran in 2018 against incumbent Indiana State Representative Ron Bacon and lost by 5,882 votes.

"The feeling I get when I travel in the district and throughout the state is that we don't feel like we're being represented," Hurley said. "That's for the everyday workers, teachers, union members and farmers."

He is also running with the new campaign slogan, "Take Back Indiana."

"It's got to be about a new perspective at this point," Hurley said. "Just having someone who has experienced the struggles with education, workforce issues and unions, and being from a rural environment also like me."

Amongst Hurley's biggest concerns is Indiana being a right to work state.

"(...) that takes away the workers' voice," he said. "We also have issues with wage theft, where unscrupulous contractors can come in and not pay the wages they should be because regulations like the common construction wage that were eliminated."

He said he is in favor of a non-partisan redistricting commission.

"We will be doing redistricting (this year) and that's something where we can change to make these districts fair," he said. "Currently, the party in power draws the maps. They have to be approved by a court, but they usually go through pretty easily. Voters should choose voters, not representatives choosing voters."

The South Spencer High School teacher was also among the thousands of educators who traveled to Indianapolis on Nov. 19 for "Red for Ed Day" to protest a number of issues facing public education in the state today, including the voucher program and charter schools.

"We need to stop having charter schools come in at this point," Hurley said. "And by 2021, we will be funding over $185 million in the vouchers and that's something where we're focusing on an experiment that is not proven to improve the outcome for students. Our traditional public schools really suffer from those."

Although Hurley lives in Spencer County, he has been campaigning hard in Warrick County, with the election set for Nov. 3, 2020.

"A lot of the issues are the same in southwestern Indiana as a whole," Hurley said. "People do care about public education and their paycheck and whether they can be increased. They care about the rights and protections as a worker, they care about their neighbors. The issues overlap greatly between the counties."

Although Hurley is listed on the ballot as a democrat, he considers himself more of a moderate.

"I'm issued based and I encourage people to follow my campaign and see what I'm running on, from education, union and agriculture," he said. "I want them to make an informed decision on each candidate and ask for their vote when the time comes."

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Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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