St. Vincent Orthopaedic Hospital to open July 8

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The St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital open house was held on Saturday, June 29.

Patient safety and efficiency are amongst top priorities at the new St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital.

The highly anticipated hospital, which cost $95 million, and is located at the Warrick Wellness Trail on Epworth Crossing in Newburgh, plans to begin seeing patients July 8.

Hospital officials hosted a ribbon-cutting last Thursday, June 27, followed by a Saturday open house for community members to commemorate the 135,000 square foot, four story, hospital, which is bringing 200 jobs to the area and is a partnership between Tri-State Orthopaedic Surgeons and St. Vincent Evansville.

St. Vincent President of Operations John Greaney said that at St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital, which also has 24 inpatient rooms, 10 600 square feet operating suites and two procedure suites, they are focused on clinical excellence.

The hospital also has a cafeteria, gift shop, surgery evaluation center and the Ascension of Jesus Chapel, where family, friends and patients can pray.

"We have the latest and greatest technology," said Rachel Spalding, executive director of Perioperative Services. "We have really large screens for radiological images so [the doctors] can make the best decision in the case."

Greaney said one of the nice things about orthopedic procedures is that there is a built in predictability with the patients.

"It's all elective cases so we know who is going to be coming, when they are going to be coming," he said. "The patients who are coming here are really not sick. They are otherwise healthy, but they have a bum leg."

St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital also offers patients many surgical options.

"Anything from carpal tunnel to a spine to total joint replacement," Spalding said.

Greaney said they do their best to make sure the surgical experience is as relaxed as possible.

"They have bluetooth capabilities in the ORs," he said. "So they can play whatever music they want to play. Some like a quiet room. Some like a raucous room."

St. Vincent's Allen Knoop said that after surgery, patients are treated to luxurious private in-patient rooms.

"The rooms, we have a nice size with plenty of room to move around," he said. "We have brand new equipment, brand new furniture, brand new walkers, brand new everything."

Knoop said the rooms are catered to patient care, but are also designed with nurses in mind.

"Because they very much have a say in the way things flow," he said. "Even down to a linen hamper in every room, which I think is huge as a nurse, just having the ability to dump what you need where you need it when you need it."

Before patients ever stop into the OR, they must first take some required educational classes taught by Chris Johnston, coordinator for joint replacement program.

"We do this so patients know they are an active participant in their care and not passive," Johnston said.

Greaney said transparency and communication are also key components for the facility.

"It's important that patients know from the very get-go, what's coming next," he said. "And that helps in the healing process because you want to eliminate as much anxiety as possible."

J.D. Stock, manager of rehabilitation services, sees patients on average four times a day in the physical and occupational therapy gym.

"We have two individual treatment sessions and two group sessions," he said. "We will get patients in here with their coaches and we'll do exercises like how to take their shoes and socks off safely, getting in and out of the bathtub."

For radiology operations manager, Suzanne Stewart, the opening of the St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital is personal.

"I've been with St. Vincent for about 31 years," she said. "And I get to be a patient here the second week we open. I am very excited about [the hospital.] It's going to be very nice."

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