School corporation officially opens new building to the public

The new Warrick County School Corporation Central Services building in the old Buehler's Buy-Low location will have its open house on Monday.

What used to be the old Buehler’s Buy Low building has been transformed into the new Central Services, and the Warrick County School Corporation is wanting to show it off.

After using the new Central Services Building , 930 W. Main St., for more than a year, the WCSC is hosting an open house on Monday for the public to tour the facilities. With the multiple school construction projects, preparations to the new Central Services and the starting of school, WCSC had to postpone the open house until this week.

“We wanted to give the public an opportunity to see it,” said Brad Schneider, WCSC superintendent. “Several people have asked how things are going. We’re just going to open up the building and people can come in and look at it. Those things are made possible through tax dollars. We want the community to come out and see the facility and show it off a little bit because we’re very proud of the project.”

The Main Street location serves multiple needs with two loading docks, a warehouse, a board room, professional development room, workout area and a Health and Wellness Clinic. This is the second Health and Wellness Clinic with another located at the Administrative Building along Gum Street.

“We’re very pleased with our clinic and we’re happy to have a second location,” said Schneider. “The wellness component that we’ve included in our clinic is working well, trying to give our employees the opportunity to live healthier lifestyles, better diets, giving up smoking and making better choices when it comes to their health. A healthier work force means a more productive workforce. That’s only going to add to the services we can provide our employees.”

Moving from the old Gum Street location to Main Street was a necessity. The old Central Services Building was never designed to be a warehouse with three floors and no loading dock. The old Buehler’s building had sat vacant for several years, and WCSC was on the hunt for a new facility.

“We started looking at options for a new warehouse, and we were intrigued by the old Buehler’s building,” said Schneider. “We determined the cost of renovating as opposed to building a brand new facility. It has twice the space at about half the cost. Financially, it was a no brainer. That building is in much better shape. Supplies will be able to be stored for longer periods of time. We’re always looking for additional space as we continue to grow, so we’ll be able to utilize space in the administrative building now.”

The School Corporation is pleased with the new addition, and invites everyone to tour the building on Monday Aug. 17 from 6 to 7 p.m.

“The new building positions us very well to move forward,” said Schneider. “Technology is going to play a bigger role in education. The professional development room is going to meet those needs. The warehouse facility is going to be much more efficient, and in the long run it’s going to save us money. In the next 10 to 15 years we’ll be able to provide the kind of services if we’re going to maintain our status as an “A” school corporation and if it’s going to be recognized as one of the best school districts in Indiana.”

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