The 134th Labor Day Celebration is cancelling its 2020 pageants, contests, demolition derby, food booths, crafts vendors, motocross, carnival rides, karaoke, rummage sale, poker run, kid’s games, laser tag, corn hole, horseshoes, gospel sing, and car show.

Michael Dennis, President of the Labor Day Association announced that at their regular monthly meeting on July 13, 2020 at Quail Crossing Golf Course in Boonville, the delegates of the 134-year-old Labor Day Association unanimously decided to alter the annual Labor Day Celebration. While it was an extremely difficult decision, the Association is certain it was the right thing to do.

The decision was made after several months of the Association’s delegates listening, watching, and monitoring the state of the nation and their communities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, doing their due diligence to reach a decision that makes sense for the Celebration and the safety of its participants. The delegates did not want to endanger the public or their own members and retirees in putting on a regular Celebration.

There are discussions about a possible caravan Labor Day Parade. The Parade would only allow participants to be in their own vehicles. No bands, floats, speeches, or public congregating prior-to or after the Parade would be allowed, and, unfortunately, no candy would be tossed out to the crowd.

The Labor Day Association was established in 1886, and the 134-year-old Celebration is the 2nd oldest continuous Labor Day Celebration in the Nation. The Labor Day Association’s core is organized labor, and its membership includes 64 Tri-State unions. The Celebration honors all who labor in this country and not just union members. The Association supporters include politicians from both major parties, civic groups, and businesses that honor the American workforce.

On July 13, 2020, the Labor Day Association officially held its first event of the 134th Labor Day Celebration’s schedule, with a golf outing benefitting the Association. Food was served and carts were sanitized in accordance with safety and social distancing guidelines in place at the event.

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