New sports complex proposed for Warrick County

The rendering of the proposed sports complex proposed for Warrick County is pictured. The complex would be located at I-69 and Indiana 66 near the Warrick Wellness Trail.

A new indoor sports complex has been proposed for Warrick County at I-69 and Indiana 66 near the Warrick Wellness Trail.

“It’s a really exciting project,” said Success Warrick County Executive Director Steve Roelle. “This is in the very early stages.”

According to Roelle, the complex would be able to house basketball, volleyball, pickleball, indoor track, indoor soccer and indoor track. Additional sports would include archery, cheerleading and marching band. The space would allow for community and convention space as well. The complex would be used on a reservation basis.

The project has been proposed by Lauth, a construction development firm in Carmel, and Synergy Sports Global in North Carolina.

“One of the reasons [it has been proposed] is because we’re in a great location,” Roelle said. “When you draw a circle around us, you get St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville and the fact we don’t have a facility like this to host youth and amateur events, it makes a lot of sense.”

Roelle said after speaking to residents in Warrick County, they saw there was a demand for a sports complex like this in the area.

The sports complex would tie into the transportation network and healthcare network because of the location of the proposed space, according to Roelle.

“Locally, we’re going to benefit,” he said. “There’s a big need.”

Roelle said the tourism aspect of the complex would be a positive benefit of the complex.

“Our region has been very successful in youth and amateur sports if you think about the Deaconess sports park, the soccer complex and the aquatic center that’s about to go online,” Roelle said. “That’s bringing people in our market. That’s tourism, that’s hotel stays and that’s restaurants.”

Roelle said they are looking at the possibility of having additional local partnerships for the completion of the complex and doing “due diligence” on the financial and size of the complex.

The project right now is private and there has been discussions with landowners along the Warrick Wellness Trail, according to Roelle.

Roelle said if the process continues and checks off the boxes, ground breaking could begin in 2022 and the project may be completed by 2023.

Karah Wilson,

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