Warrick County was flagged due to a large number of daily cases being attributable to congregate settings last week.

Warrick County was flagged by the Indiana Department of Health as a result of the trend starting on Wednesday, Sept. 30. However, Warrick County Health Department Director Aaron Franz said that trend has been caused by outbreaks in long term care and extended care facilities.

While the flag was triggered as a result of cases in long term care facility, Franz said the spread of the virus isn’t occurring in congregated facilities like long term care facilities or schools. He said most of the outbreaks are coming from outside of the facilities.

Franz said this can be seen in how the spread is affecting schools. He said there are numerous students under quarantine for being a close contact, but there is a much lower number of students that have actually tested positive for the virus.

Franz said this is showing that the spread of the virus is happening outside of the facilities.

“The thing about the kids being in school is you have monitoring going on there you know where they’re at,” he said.

Ultimately, Franz said it seems like people are ignoring guidelines and are avoiding being tested or are simply ignoring a diagnosis to keep from being forced to self-isolate. He said some of the current spike the county is currently seeing could be as a result of a higher number of individuals without symptoms at all or with symptoms that are much more mild than others, but he thinks Warrick County residents should heed the protocol set up if they are concerned they have the virus.

“It’s concerning people aren’t following the guidelines for quarantine,” he said.

In the end, Franz said it might never be known how many people are either ignoring quarantine protocol or are avoiding being tested all together which could leave gaps in understanding the spread of the virus. According to the Indiana Department of Health, nearly 15,000 Warrick County residents had been tested since the beginning of the pandemic, but Franz noted that that only represents a quarter of the county’s population.

“If do get a test and are under quarantine, please follow those procedures,” he said.

For information and guidance on the pandemic, visit the Indiana Department of Health’s website at in.gov/coronavirus.

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