The Warrick County electoral commission is holding a series of meetings regarding their new voting plan that will dictate how future elections in the county are conducted. The main change being proposed in these meetings is a shift away from the county’s current precinct based voting system towards a more county-wide poll center based voting system.

This means that any person in the county can vote at any location around the county on election day instead of having to vote in their specific precinct. In addition, there is a plan to make all three of the early voting locations used in the 2020 election permanent early voting locations. One meeting was already held earlier this month and another meeting is slated to be held on Tuesday, November 9th at 9 AM at the old Boonville Courthouse in the commisioner’s meeting room.

An additional part of the plan is closing several voting locations around the county as well as doing away with precincts. There will be 17 remaining polling areas in the next election if the voting plan is put into place, down from 24 in the 2020 election and as many as 59 in 2008 in spite of the county’s increase in population over that time. The seven voting centers that may potentially be done away with include Alcoa, Boonville and Castle High School’s and the Boonville American Legion, among others.

Andrew Skinner, President of the Warrick County Election Board said, “We wanted to make sure that we have enough vote centers that people can go and vote and not have to stand in line on Election Day, but not too many where we’re wasting resources.” He went on, “Every location that we started with has been a location that has been used in the past,” “We wanted to make sure that these were locations that were familiar to voters in Warrick County.” in regards to the change to early voting, Skinner commented, “The benefit of early voting is that voters don’t have to rely on just one day to go out and vote if that day happens to be inconvenient for them.”

The Warrick County Election Board is encouraging the community to give feedback about the decision and how they would like to see things done going forward. If attending the meeting in November is not an option, they encourage constituents to email them at or mail them physically to 1 County Square, Suite 220, Boonville, Indiana 47601.

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