Zac and Jessica Parsons stand in front of their future business.

Downtown Newburgh’s riverfront will be experiencing a major change as one of Water Street’s most notable businesses changes hands later this year.

Ben and Penny’s Ice Cream Shop has announced that it has sold its location to Evansville based cafe Honey Moon Coffee Co., with the transition expected in the next few months and a tentative opening goal set for late spring.

Honey Moon Coffee Co. is owned by couple Zac and Jessica Parsons of Evanville and has been in operation since April of 2016. The store specializes in coffee and breakfast foods such as waffles, but they are open until 5 PM and serve sandwiches too. Additionally, they plan to offer ice cream at all their locations by the time of their Newburgh opening, meaning the store in downtown Newburgh will continue to serve ice cream after the tenant changes.

Jessica Parsons, co-owner of Honey Moon Coffee Co., discussed their plans and reasons for expanding into Newburgh, “I grew up in Newburgh and I’m a castle grad. Newburgh holds a special place for me though I live in Evansville now. It all started about a year ago when the owners of The Refinery said they were closing and thought we’d be good to fill the space. Other locations didn’t work out, but then one day we were riding our bikes on the trail and we saw the building currently housing Ben and Penny’s. We wanted to reach out to them but we didn’t hear back at first. About two months ago we started talking about changing ownership.”

Of their relationship with the current owners of Ben and Penny’s, Parsons said “They wanted to make sure that we were dedicated to the community, so we started developing a close relationship. They liked that we were a couple like them and we talked about our heart for the community and providing a space to gather. They thought it was a really good fit for the area.”

Parsons explained that she believed that Newburgh could benefit from having more cafes like Honey Moon, as it provides another local option for coffee drinkers. While living in Newburgh, Parsons felt that many people would go to Evansville for coffee, but if they have an option like Honey Moon they are more likely to stay in the community and frequent areas like downtown.

The Parsons also plan to have a walk up window at their location so that anyone walking on the riverside trail can walk up and buy ice cream without having to come inside. This allows for more convenient access while keeping the flow of traffic in the restaurant smooth.

While losing Ben and Penny’s, downtown Newburgh is fortunate to still have many local business enthusiastic about moving into the community.

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