On Wednesday, Sept. 29, at approximately 12:30 p.m., Warrick county Sheriff’s deputy Sergeant Aaron Bennett spotted Anderson Weightman driving on Sr662 near Pollack Avenue in Newburgh. He was driving a large flatbed truck pulling a trailer when he was spotted. Weightman had an active warrant for his arrest in Warrick County and has been arrested previously in Warrick and Vanderburgh counties for multiple different charges.

When the patrolling deputy spotted Weightman they put their emergency lights and siren on in an attempt to pull him over and apprehend him. Anderson ignored the deputy and began fleeing through the city. Weightman proceeded East through the parking lot of the Old Newburgh Dam.

At this point, Sgt. Bennett was joined by Newburgh Police Chief Eric Mitchell in the pursuit. Following this, Weightman stopped his vehicle and was spotted with a knife on his hip as he exited the vehicle. Sgt. Bennett drew his sidearm and ordered Weightman and his passenger, Michael J. Foley, to put their hands on their heads. During the encounter Weightman was hostile to the arresting officers as they searched his person and the vehicle for weapons, though none were found beyond the knife.

Foley was then questioned about his possessions in the truck, which belonged to Anderson. Foley claimed that he was in possession of a backpack in the truck, which we gave consent to be searched. Sgt. Bennett opened the backpack and immediately found a pipe which he suspected was being used to smoke methamphetamine. The pipe also contained residue of a substance that appeared to be methamphetamine.

During the search Bennett also found a bag containing the substance, which was confirmed after tests were run on the substance in the bag and on the interior of the pipe, positively identifying them both as methamphetamine.

Foley denied ownership of the pipe and methamphetamine inside the bag, claiming it was being held for another person.

His pockets were also searched, bringing up two more bags of the crystalline substance that also tested positive for being methamphetamine. The weight of the substance in the bags found on Foley’s person was roughly three grams. Foley also claimed not to be the owner of these bags.

Weightman claimed that he was attempting to pull over while he was being pursued, although according to the officer’s narrative he had multiple opportunities to do so. Foley claimed he did not know why Anderson fled.

Both Anderson and Foley were placed under arrest following the chase and search. Anderson’s charges were criminal mischief, resisting law enforcement and a served warrant for invasion of privacy.

Foley’s charges were possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

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