At the beginning of this year I received a phone call that I was needed as an interim reporter for the Warrick County Standard.

Initially I thought it might be for a few weeks, but then a few weeks turned into two months which turned into six months.

I had just started a reporting position at another paper in Kentucky not even two months before, and I’ll be honest, I began stressing out over reporting for two newspapers at the same time.

Once I began reporting in Warrick County, I knew the county would be accommodating and more than willing to help me when asked.

Moving from Alabama to Evansville in 2019 and then entering into a pandemic, I hadn’t been able to explore and get to know the county, but all of that quickly changed.

During my time here, I have met so many friendly people, entered into new businesses, explored the parks and learned the ins and outs of how the county is ran.

Warrick County is a really unique and special place and it will always hold a place in my heart.

Unfortunately, my time at the newspaper has come to an end as we have hired a new full-time Warrick County Standard reporter. This is my last edition for the newspaper.

If there’s one thing that I hope for, it’s that I was able to do the county justice in the last six months. There are still many of you I have not met, but to the ones I have, thank you for guiding and helping me during this time.

I have faith that the newspaper will be left in great hands with the new reporter, Dylan Gray.

I have truly enjoyed working alongside so many of you for the last six months.

My time to say goodbye has come, Warrick County. Thank you.

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