Warrick County will now be serviced by a new countywide alert system being implemented by the sheriff’s department.

According to a press release by Sheriff Michael Wilder, the new alert system will allow the emergency services within the county to easily reach residents and inform them of any situations that may be of public concern, as well as give them instructions when needed.

The system, called CodeRED, is a free web based alert tool that will only message users when an authorized message is sent out by county emergency services. Warrick County residents are advised to create an account to more easily receive their notifications from the service.

To do so they can go to https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/D36CA7D2B296 and fill in the required information to create a new account. Once an account is created users will be able to receive both email and text based notification regarding developing situations in the county.

The notification system is very precise, and allows the department to send notifications to users within a single area as well as the entire county if the situation is appropriate, meaning users may not necessarily give every notification if it is not pertinent to them and will prevent users from feeling like they are getting frivolous spam messages.

A CodeRED message will have the caller ID number 866-419-5000 for emergencies and 855- 969-4636 for non-emergencies. Residents are encouraged to create a contact on their phone for these numbers so that they remember these texts are important. If one wishes to hear a message sent out again they may dial the number to do so.

Users are suggested to register at least one phone number with the service, but they may add as many as they like if a backup number is desired. “CodeRED is not only a useful emergency services tool, it’s a way residents can have peace of mind knowing they will be alerted when a situation occurs,” said Sheriff Wilder.

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