This weekend the Warrick County Antique Steam and Gas Engine Club is holding their Summer Show at Thresherman’s Park at 2144 New Harmony Road in Boonville. This will be the 58th year of the event, which is held on a bi yearly basis, with the Summer Show being held in June and the Fall show held in October.

The main events will be Case Steam Engine and International Tractor, but there will be many other events held at the show that evoke the vintage feel that the club helps keep alive. Among these is an authentic log cabin display, using an actual log cabin from the 19th century, which was moved wholesale from East of the University of Southern Indiana and given to the club. There will also be steam saw-milling and threshing, giving attendees a look into the lifestyle that those in the area used to live over a century ago. The event will feature horses and mules working, a blacksmith, a museum and gift shop.

There will be several tractor and engine based events including a kiddie tractor pull as well as tractor games and hit or miss engines of various sizes, including a large 60 horsepower engine and a 50 horsepower engine. The Boonville train depot was also moved in its entirety to the park for use by the club, and it will be on display at the show. There will be a massive flea market for attendees to peruse and a church service at 9 a.m. Sunday.

“We held the show last year as the health department came in and made sure we met all the health codes,” organizer Time Forston said. “A major reason we were able to hold it is that we use our own property and it does not require a lease or anything. We had one of our biggest events ever and we had many new attendees who wanted some kind of event to go to. We had masks and social distancing to allow people a chance to get out and experience something different. We’ve had people all the way from Florida and California come to our events.”

He also explained that the organization has been very well received by the community recently at both their shows and their Smokin’ for Garrett Barbecue cook off which is held every Fall.

“The best aspects are the club members. We have a good group that work together to put things on,” Forston said. “We have 300 members on the roster and 100 active members. They all enjoy doing this stuff and we enjoy putting things on for them to participate in.”

Admission is free for anyone under 14, $5 for those 14 and up and $3 for seniors. The show will be held all weekend beginning with a breakfast at 7 a.m. Friday and beginning every other day at 8 a.m.

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