BOONVILLE — Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt announced last month that the City of Boonville had received a grant to increase tourism in the amount of $5,000.

The city applied this grant to campaigns beyond the county’s borders to improve the visibility of Boonville and the attractions it has to offer to tourists.

The mayor also updated citizens on the state of several infrastructure projects in the city, “The City of Boonville had asked that the higher costs on construction materials on Third Street project that INDOT pick up the same pricing formula 80/20 that we had for the original project. I sent Governor Holcomb three letters asking for that help, as well as two different requests to INDOT. The additional amount INDOT will pick up is almost $300,000, saving the City precious dollars. I am very thankful to Governor Holcomb and INDOT for their understanding and support during these trying times.”

The new building at Quail Crossing Country Club has had its foundation poured, meaning the project is underway and should be completed soon. “The State of Indiana bid out the sidewalks, curbs, guttering, sewer and streets in July. JBI won the contract with a $5.2 million dollar bid,” said the mayor. He also discussed the progress the city is making on local trails. “Work is going on Walnut Trail. Eric Lutz Concrete has completed the concrete work, next is dirt work that Veolia will do, cameras will be installed, and asphalt will be put down and a fence will be installed. This was a volunteer project for the most part. Operating Engineers no. 181, E&B paving, Premier Electric and others have all helped with this project.”

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