This Thursday, Nov. 18, Scales Lake Park in Boonville will host the Alan Payne Benefit Concert.

The event is being held to raise money for Alan Payne, a local man who was diagnosed with GNE Myopathy in 2018. GNE Myopathy is a rare condition that affects the muscular system, causing early onset muscle weakness generally affecting the lower body, especially the tibialis muscles.

Due to the rarity and long-term nature of this condition, Alan Payne needs a special type of leg brace that will support his movement as his muscles are affected by the disease. This device is called a C Brace.

Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance because of the device’s cost and specificity, so he needs to raise funds to afford it. The C Brace is a very intricate piece of technology that includes a microprocessor to aid in gait and stability.

The concert was originally scheduled for October 7 but was postponed to November 18 due to unforeseen circumstances. Tickets will be $20.

The concert begins at 5 PM with a performance by local DJ Luke Bartnick, though guests are encouraged to arrive early in order to see the full set. Bartnick’s set will last until 6 PM, when he will be followed by Josh Merritt from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. In addition to music, Scales Lake Park will have several food trucks for attendees to eat at. Available food options will be Let’s get Fired and Sweet Dreams a la Mode.

Going along with the music and food, there will be a silent auction as well as a half pot available to enter. The event is being advertised for families and scales lake has plenty of playgrounds and activities for children during the event.

The concert is for a good cause and will be a good time for the whole family. Guests are encouraged to bring chairs or towels to sit on for the performance. The family currently has a fundraising goal of $82,000 to pay for the C Brace, so attendance will need to be high to help the family reach their goal.

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