A sting operation in Newburgh lead to the arrest of two women for charges of prostitution on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

The operation was conducted after multiple reports had come in that a massage parlor in Newburgh, the Beachfoot Spa, had been offering illicit services to customers.

These previous reports led to a search warrant and arrest of one female for prostitution and promoting prostitution in November of last year.

After this event and the business reopening, reports began to trickle back into the sheriff’s department over the past few months. Many of the tips were filed anonymously over the phone. Many people who reported to law enforcement were suspicious due to the high volume of individual males who entered as customers and returned with some degree of frequency.

On Oct. 12 of this year, Warrick County Sheriff’s department detective Jason Utley made contact with a confidential informant who he had worked with previously on operations at this massage parlor, as well as others in Warrick County.

The confidential informant was sent in with an audio and video recording device as well as money provided by the department. According to the report, he was able to solicit two employees for a massage, which included sexual services that were agreed upon by the employees.

One of the suspects involved was involved in a previous sting on the business, while the other was new to the sheriff’s department.

After receiving a warrant to search the business, deputies entered the business at 12:10 p.m. Upon entry, they were able to locate the two women involved in the sting operation and detain them. Both were taken in handcuffs out of the building.

The two women arrested were Chumei Peng and Sumei Zhang, ages 59 and 51 respectively. Both Peng and Zang are from New York. The two women were both charged with promoting prostitution, a level five felony, and prostitution, a class A misdemeanor.

After Utley attempted to speak with both suspects, the two women were transported to the Warrick County Jail where they await trial.

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