School budget proposals in

Piggy bank and stack of books

The Warrick County School Board had it’s first of two public work sessions for it’s 2017 budget proposal.

Once the budget is approved later this month, it will be sent to the Department of Local Government Finance for approval. The budget proposal includes all five funds of the corporation’s budget it also includes proposed tax rates for the county.

Assistant superintendent Todd Armstrong said the process compiling data can be a long process. He said with 19 buildings and 17 schools, there are a lot of needs.

“We spend a lot of time prioritizing,” he said. “We collect data and compile that data before we decide how to spend it, where to spend it and what our priorities are.”

Armstrong said it’s important for the corporation to spend time to address concerns at each building on each level to make sure funds are being spent appropriately. He said the goal is to spend the money in a way that provides the best possible facilities and buildings possible.

“Our funds are limited, but we don’t want anybody to do without,” he said. “We want to put as much out there for the money we have.”

Armstrong said it’s important for individuals concerned about issues to talk to the principal at that building. He said he gathers the most information by discussing issues with principals at each school and then brings together a list of needs before building the budget.

“They always need to go to their building with issues,” he said. “Each principal has the ability to defend the decisions made and there are school board meetings each month where issues are addressed.”

More importantly, Armstrong said members of the community concerned by budget issues and problems at local schools need to make sure they are supporting legislators who support schools. He said the only change on funding will come from legislation concerning school funding.

“Support legislators who support public education,” he said. “I will discuss the issues with members of the community who are interested or who would like to take the information to their legislators.”

There school board will have their next meeting on Monday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Central Services Building.

Wyatt Squires is a staff writer for The Standard. Before coming to Warrick, Wyatt has worked as a reporter in Jackson, Greene and Knox counties in Indiana.

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