BOONVILLE — City of Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt made announcements to the community on Friday, June 17, to provide updates to various projects, events and plans around the city.

His announcement began with the events taking place in Johnson Park in the Boonville square. There will be events on July 16, Aug. 20 and Sept. 17. They will feature food trucks and Second Street will be closed by the park.

Pertaining to grants, the mayor also said, “We are applying for another $5,000 grant to promote tourism here in Boonville. Visit Warrick County has the grant and it has to be in by June 30, 2022. They will be for billboards or radio/TV commercials for events here in our City. Billboards and radio stations that service outside of Warrick County are what the grant is for to bring tourists to our City.”

INDOT will complete sidewalk work in Boonville by the 31 of October this year. The current project spans from the Long John Silvers to Pine Street.

“The City has issued tickets for semi-trailers running down North Third Street using it as a short cut rather than using the by-pass,” said Mayor Wyatt, “Semi-trailers can use the route if they are making a local delivery. How can you help keep those that are using our City streets for a shortcut? Get the name of the truck company and note the time, then call our City Police with this information. This is a $500 fine. We had a light pole hit over the weekend at 1st and North Streets by a semi-trailer but don’t have the name of the company. If you can help, please do so. Call Boonville City Police 812-897-6550. Note the truck’s name and what time you saw them and on what street.”

The pickleball court bid was awarded to PCC Sports for $410,000. “On May 9 the City received a notice that the City of Boonville was one of the award winners of the Public Art Activation Grant. Laura Engel and myself were on a conference call Thursday about what is acceptable to receive the grant. Laura Engel along with the City made the application. This will be done on the Maintenance Building at City Lake, this is just another of the programs to beautify the City. Laura has been working on City Pool building with some fun designs,” said the mayor.

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