WARRICK COUNTY — The Warrick County Council held their first bi monthly meeting on Thursday, May 5, to review plans and projects going on around the county under their auspices. This meeting was relatively brief for their usual meetings and involved discussion of budget and fund allocations around the county.

The council established a park donation fund for $620, as well as a salary ordinance due to a resignation for a dispatcher payout in the amount of $3,414.26. They also appropriated funds for a circuit court correction for a court reporter in the amount of $9,716. The county also made a health funds transfer from Vax Care for a total of $1,575 to be distributed to other health services. They also transferred $2,250 from animal control to communication animal control.

The commissioners also established a transfer of several smaller funds totaling $7,500 from various aspects of the area plan commission to absent voter boards. The motion approving these fund transfers was carried unanimously.

The county council established their department hearings for Wednesday, July 13.The council also discussed at length the funding process for volunteer fire departments around the county that must apply for funding. This provides the fire departments that serve smaller incorporated areas in the county a chance to pay for equipment to keep their operations running.

One councilman raised concern over the fact that Campbell Township does not possess its own fire department but is instead serviced by adjacent departments and is thus itself unable to get funding for their respective departments, but serving the township still costs them money. The rest of the council made it clear that even if the township itself cannot apply for funding, the departments that provide for it will be able to factor in the cost for covering another township in their application to receive more funds.

The council also stated that they had purchased a new ambulance to service the county.

Sheriff Mike Wilder appeared at the meeting to update the council on the use for the funding for new radios they had recently approved for the sheriff’s office. The radios the office purchased are being used by school resource officers which allows them to stay in contact with other deputies while in school buildings that often have spotty connections. The new radios also allow the sheriff’s office to connect with the Evansville Police Department more easily, as the EPD uses a different radio frequency than most of the rest of the state.

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