On Sunday, Sept. 12 police officers in Chandler arrested Shawn Renee Fox, 38, of Jasper. Fox, who was previously arrested in 2018 on multiple charges as well as again earlier this month for theft, was arrested again on a warrant by Chandler police.

Fox was spotted by officers in Chandler where she had come up on a police database for an outstanding warrant in Dubois County. She was placed into custody and transferred. Charges against Fox include theft as well as several charges from a previous arrest in May of 2018.

The original charges placed against Fox were for public intoxication in Chandler as well as multiple counts of battery. After a violent altercation in Chandler, Fox fled the scene, but later returned and officers were able to locate and apprehend her after fleeing from police and hiding in a drainage ditch. At 3:30 a.m. officers commenced arrest while Fox resisted and during the ensuing arrest officers reported that Fox resisted arrest and spat on an officer, which was charged as battery on a public safety official with a bodily fluid.

In total the charges against Fox were public intoxication, battery, battery of a public safety official with a bodily fluid, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and theft.

As the Chandler police were serving a warrant from another county, she was transferred to the Warrick County Jail before being moved back to the Dubois County Jail to serve a warrant in that county.

Currently Fox is listed on no bond in the county and a trial date has not yet been confirmed.

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