I have a request for you. The city is trying to seek funding through a grant that would allow us to refurbish the basement of the Boonville City Police Station and convert it into a public meeting room. This room could be used to have public meetings for different civic groups. The Boonville Library and the Warrick County Museum have meeting rooms, too, but this will give us another option in the city. Also, we as a city need a command center for times of emergencies, such as the macroburst we experienced in 2014. This would allow the city such a space in times of need, especially with the police station upstairs. We can separate the police business they need to do during emergencies while addressing citizens’ needs at the command center.

I pray we never need a command center, but we should be prepared.

Finally, it will help save a historic building on the main thoroughfare of our city. The police station was a Carnegie Library and is a very handsome building — full of history.

We are trying for a $500,000 grant that would fix up the basement and make it ADA accessible, too, so all of our citizens can use it. This is a grant that is available and it would pay for those upgrades — but we need your involvement. Surveys that were recently sent out have to be completed or we aren’t going to be eligible to apply. The City Comprehensive Plan surveys came back super strong on community involvement. The word “income” survey makes us all a little on point and we want to investigate what the state is asking. After looking over the survey, I don’t see anything intrusive. Do you?

The police station is in decent shape upstairs and the downstairs has been stripped and is ready to be remodled. The basement has been waterproofed in the past couple of years, but it isn’t ADA compliant. We want to save this building and this is one way we can, but we need your involvement. As you can see on the income survey, it is generic and none of the information comes to city hall, only the snapshot of what the incomes are for the citizens of Boonville.

The income surveys have to be filled out for us to get this help. Only 150 have been returned. Soon, another round of these surveys will be resent to those same homes. The state randomly picks these and sends them out.

People are always saying we need to apply for grants to get things done in the city. Well, this is your chance to help get those funds. We will make applications in the spring of 2017 if we get them returned.

We have $1.3 million that will be used to improve our city streets, as well as sidewalks around the square, slated for 2017. We are completing our master sidewalk plan for the city, as well as our ADA plan. These, coupled with our comprehensive plan, will allow us to apply for more grant possiblities in fall 2017. Without these plans, you are very limited in what you can apply for. Johnson Park is close to being done and the Harold Gunn Pavilion is being worked on, too. The city and county are working on getting these sidewalks poured around the Gunn Pavilion and the city will pour sidewalks around Johnson Park when work is finished. We want to be ready for the holiday season.

We are working with the county to help save the Old Jail on Main Street through a different grant. The Old Jail is on the National Historic Register. There is only one other building in the county that has that honor.

If you don’t get a survey in the mail, you are not affected. If you get one in the mail, please fill it out.

I hope this helps in explaining what we want to do.

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