To the editor:

It seems to me that it is underclass people who are attracted to the message presidential hopeful Donald Trump is spreading.

He wants to make America great again by building a wall on the border with Mexico and by banning Muslims from immigrating to this country. He has insulted women, disabled individuals, Mexicans, African-Americans, Muslims and most recently, Somali immigrants. He has even insulted Native Americans.

Donald Trump is not someone we need in the White House. He is not presidential. Immigration is what made this country great. Immigration is not a problem and what people fail to understand, and never will understand, is that most immigrants do jobs that the majority of Americans will not do. Donald Trump does not seem to understand this as well. He has also went bankrupt four times in the past and has had affairs with different women and did not pay his workers and his contractors and ran many of his businesses in the ground. Is this someone that you really want running our country?

Brandon Harris


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