To the editor:

A relative, family friend and I were talking about the free lunch program and who pays for it. I am a Marxist-Leninist Socialist, and I personally feel that we should have a more progressive income tax and pay for it. I have no problems with our tax dollars paying for free lunch programs in the public schools, public education teachers, housing, job training and healthcare.

People say that these things are not free and that someone has to pay for it. Well, you pay for it through a progressive income tax and that I have no problem with. Our tax dollars go to fund things that I do not believe in. It goes to fund imperialist wars overseas and, for the life of me, why are we funding Israel? We spend billions of dollars a year funding Israel and their military and Israel is nothing more than an apartheid state and our money goes to fund oppression against the Palestinians and the Palestinians are the rightful owners of that land. It goes to fund politicians campaigns and I think there should be a limit on how much campaign money a politician can receive and spend.

I also believe in abortion rights and reproductive healthcare for women and a heavy progressive income tax would go to fund abortions and reproductive healthcare. In countries that have liberal abortion laws and more access to reproductive healthcare you do not have women that have five or six children. I support abortion on demand and without apologies.

Also, to those who say that there are help wanted signs up everywhere, these jobs are low-paying, minimum wage jobs that you cannot raise a family off of. You cannot raise a family on $7.25 an hour. People who work these jobs should be able to receive welfare, food stamps and housing assistance. There are not enough good paying jobs because these companies keep sending the jobs overseas. Capitalism obviously does not work and never has. The only people who benefit from capitalism are big business owners. If they want to shut the company down they can and they will. Then the workers are left unemployed or without any options except to take a low wage job somewhere like McDonald’s and as I said, you cannot raise a family on that kind of job.

This is why we need more anti-poverty programs, we need $15 an hour minimum wage and a union and we need to work to end imperialist wars and capitalist-imperialism.

Brandon Harris


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