Belmont University Spring 2019 Dean's List

Rilee Eply, Newburgh.

Brescia University 2019 Spring Dean's List

Jaime Jolley, Boonville; Kaitlin Baker, Chandler; Mayli Englert, Tennyson.

DePauw University Spring 2019 Dean's List

Leia Hudgins, Newburgh; Samuel Huff, Newburgh; Edward Kim, Newburgh; Jacob Kough, Newburgh; Katherine Marburger, Newburgh; Mahayla Roscoe, Newburgh; Rachel Roscoe, Newburgh.

Indiana University Deans List Spring 2019

Kelsey Fortune, Boonville; Jordan Kemp, Boonville; Lansing Miller, Boonville; Allison Washburn, Boonville; Andrea Stepro, Gentryville; Catherine Connor, Newburgh; Andrew Durgy, Newburgh; Samantha Ford, Newburgh; Todd Kaho, Newburgh; Kyle Neaveill, Newburgh; Ryan Parsons, Newburgh.

Owensboro Community and Technical College Dean List Spring 2019

Sarah Elizabeth Bond, Newburgh.

Siena College President's List for Spring 2019

Brooke Rogers, Newburgh.

University of Kentucky Dean's List Spring 2019

Neil Reddy Madadi, Newburgh; Gerard A Mijares, Newburgh; Sheridan Pass, Newburgh; Emma Jane Vassy, Newburgh.

University of North Georgia President's Honor Roll Spring 2019

Alex Robert Minton, Lynnville.

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